Friday, May 09, 2003

So I've spent the past hour or two having some fun trolling around the website of the Mainichi Shimbun a Japanese daily paper that was linked off The Guardian.

The Tokyo City Guide was a lot of fun. How many tourist pamphlets are you ever gonna pick up that give you directions to the red light districts? The unabashed honesty in describing some of the attractions in Tokyo was definitely a treat.

Lots of good stuff in the photo specials section. If nothing else, take a look at the cosplay fiesta special and the game show geeks special. There's someone in the latter who has on this fucking amazing Gundam getup. I could give a shit about mecha anime, but I totally thought it was Kim Jong Il at first.

Finally, I just came across some headlines that you just wouldn't see in any sort of mainstream media here. I don't know how "mainstream" this paper is, but it seems like it is, since I've seen it quoted when I'm reading news about Japan. As a warning, the last paragraph in this next article is pretty fucked up. It's an account of a second-year university student. Like I said, you've been warned.

So this is sorta interesting. Much more interesting than my shitty 'blog, at least. I originally found this link at the 'blog of our pal, TV's Wil Wheaton.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

One area where the Democrats seem to be trying their damndest, to their credit, is attempting to block Bush's nominees from influential judiciary positions. This is the most recent, and I hope they can pull it off - this woman sounds like pure evil.
Okay, so this new initiative to start reading more of the conservative media may look like a weak ploy just to attack conservatives. Well, that's partly what it is, and since I'm willing to cop to it, so no sense bringing that up in the future.

Honestly, though, I want to read more from the other side, just so I can keep balanced. I don't always disagree with conservative thought, but lots of times I disagree with their methods. Take for instance the fact that I've never said Saddam is a nice guy, and that even I'm expecting for them to find weapons. Weighing all factors, these things were not enough (in my meaningless opinion) to go to war over. But you see, I can at least give them credit on some things.

Also, let me apologize now for those awful caricatures of the Standard's writers. I know I didn't make them, but still.
Kinda scary how they don't even bother hiding some things, like the fact that Bush is, as I said, a figurehead. Take for instance this, which amongst jokes that these people probably think are really funny, is the line "Yes, Mr. President, normally you do outrank the Secretary of Defense."
Here we go, operating behind enemy lines.

To start, we have a reflection of PNAC's principle of "global leadership" for America, which is just a polite way for them to say "America's better than everyone else." Stelzer asserts that the U.S. is going to have to lead the world out of this economic slump. Well, we had better try and lead the charge, since we're responsible for it. At least, that's what he's implying by saying we're the "locomotive tugging the major economies of the world behind it," isn't he?

Stelzer claims that we have "urged" other nations to do X, Y, and Z to get their economies rolling. He goes on to say that our advice has been met with the responses of "the "non" and "nein" to which Americans have grown accustomed of late." First off, that is just bullshit rhetoric that has no place in this discussion, as it's just trying to stirr up the anti-French and anti-German sentiments over the Iraq war. More importantly, why the hell should they give us any reposnse besides "non" and "nein"? Clearly, European nations have some work to do, but why should they listen to us? We can't get our shit together with our own economy, so how exactly does that put us in the position to be giving advice to others on how to fix their economic woes?

Hey, why don't we suggest that Germany, France, and other nations institue a huge tax cut for the rich?
What I said in that last post about not knowing what's going on until it's too late is really troublesome to me. Troublesome because it's, if I may be so bold, dead on. Continuing in that vein, it may be time to start reading The Weekly Standard. This publication is one of the mouthpieces, if not the mouthpiece, for the neoconservative movement. I've even heard claims that this publication is essentially dictating government policy.

So, why am I advocating reading this? A simple concept that our neocon friends can appreciate: pre-emptive strike. Try and figure out what these fucks are up to before it can be put into action. In fact, I think this is my new goal, to start reading more from "the other side." Sure, all these links from The Guardian and The New York Times have been good and all, but most of what I link to has a definite liberal slant, so it's all just reinforcing what I already think. Not that I'm going to abandon that, but it's time to integrate some fresh tactics. Time to go on the offensive.

Before that, however, I think a break is in order, and time to go download pr0n.
I'm always throwing around the term "neoconservative," and I'm pretty sure I've given some tidbits as to what I think neoconservativism is about. Here's one view of what neoconservative thought entails.

While we're at it, a view on the Project for the New American Century, which I've mentioned several times before.

Like the guy who did the PNAC writeup, I ask, why the fuck does PNAC get so little attention? Oh yeah, because people in this country are ignorant, and the media doesn't do shit to help change that fact. What's scary is that even educated, well-informed people don't know a lot of what's going on. Take Paul Wolfowitz, arguably the chief architect of our foreign policy. Lots of people, including myself, didn't know who the fuck this guy was up until a couple of months ago. I'm sure I'd heard of him, but had no clue as to how far-reaching his influence was. The same can be said for a lot of other things that are shaping our future, or lack thereof, but we don't know anything about it until its too late.
After reading this article, I think it's time to do the list. Who's really in charge of this fucking counttry?


I know this list is bigger, but these are the names I can think of immediately at the top of my head. Naturally, Bush is not in there, because he has brought new meaning to the term "figurehead."

Also, can anyone say "single-party state"? Not that it's surprising that one party would want to be pre-eminent, but Rove talking about making the GOP the "dominant governing party in the country for a generation" is beyond frightening. No, not because it's the Republicans and their neo-conservative agenda (although that's a big part of it), it's the fact that it's a fucking single-party state. Yes, like with the PATRIOT act, we're a long ways away from Nazi Germany, but I can't help but think that this is bad.
Yeah, this place sucks.
Like I said, Safire's a moron.

Why is he being all sanctimonious about Saddam taking all this money from the Iraqi people? Safire only lives in a fucking country where corporations and CEOs pilfer ungodly amounts from their employess and the taxpayers all the time.

Also, if you were planning on leaving for a big trip, wouldn't you take a bunch of cash if you could? I'm not saying it's the nice thing to do and all, but what the fuck do you expect Saddam to do? Say, "Oh, we may have to flee the country, but let's not take any money because that would be mean." Gotta be realistic about this shit.

At this point, if Tony Blair fled the UK with billions, I'll bet we'd harbor him, just like Syria is accused of doing with Saddam.

Finally, and I could definitely be wrong on this one, but I don't think Saddam is running around now looking for someone to buy a couple of nuclear warheads off of. He's too busy fucking running around trying not to get caught by us. At some point I could see him using his money to exact revenge, but, well, it's not like he doesn't have a reason to be pissed. No, I'm not saying I support Saddam, but I understand.
Looks like we're gettin' prepped to get that oil flowing from Iraq.

Also in that article, there's mention of another discovery of a possible mobile bio-weapons lab. Let's wait here on the edge of our seats as they investigate what's probably another harmless double-wide.
Great, more fucking with Iran.

Okay, Iran's nuclear program is somewhat scary, since they do refer to us as "The Great Satan" and all. This kinda pissed me off, until I found out that we do have somewhat of a case here. As part of the Nonproliferation Treaty, non-nuclear states are barred from developing nuclear weapons. There's a brief overview of the Nonproliferation treaty here.
Why do I see more and more people being charged with jerking off in public thanks to this?

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I rail on conservatives and Republicans all the time, but the Democrats can be just as dirty.

Look, guys, you can't enact legislation that's desiged to fight the evils of soft money, and then come up with clever schemes to raise soft money. I dunno, kinda seems like a credibility issue.

It's pretty clear that we need some balance back in this country. Republican president, Republican House, Republican Senate. Some have said that the campaign finance reforms that are now being shat upon will just hurt the Democrats and their chances of bringing that balance. You know what I say? Fuck 'em. You can't have an un-level playing field. Furthermore, if the Democrats would just get their shit together, orgranize, and put forth a united front against the Republicans, maybe they wouldn't have to be looking for ways to circumvent laws that they wanted in place.

Also, I know that talking about bringing "balance" just by strengthening the Democrats is a shaky notion at best, with how similar these two parties behave. The thing is, if the 'crats got it together and actually started acting like an opposition party, we would have some balance. Christ, anything at this point that removes or effectively counters Bush.
Yup, we need more foreigners to come over here and fuck with people like that.
You know, I thought $7 billion was quite a bit of money for putting out fires. Don't worry, though, I have no doubts in my mind that Halliburton (or more specifically, I believe, a Halliburton subsidiary) getting big contracts like this has nothing to do with the fact that Cheney is their ex-CEO.

This contract isn't new news, but I've had it with this bullshit. Time to send Rogue Squad after these Halliburton Cheney Bush Fuckers.
Yeah, this is the exact kind of shit that David Cross was talking about. Fucking nonsense like this should be illegal.
Good, this is how it fucking should be.

A couple of side notes. First off, skyboxes in a strip club. Only in Vegas!

Second, how do you get to be a "gambling professor" at an actual University? UNLV is real, right? Only in Vegas!

Thirdly, am I going to be the only one walking into Treasure Island, now known as "TI", asking where my calculator is? Probably.

And finally, if you "would rather not see scantily dressed women", DON'T FUCKING BRING YOUR KIDS TO VEGAS. Anybody who thinks Vegas should keep the family image should be murdered in front of their children. Now that's family entertainment!
Well, like I've said - if you're going to form a shitty pop group based on a gimmick, make it a fucking good gimmick.

I don't know if you'll find me agreeing with teenage girls all that often, but Michelle is right on in saying that tATu is "a good thing that had to happen". Don't you think the world would be a much happier place if a pair of schoolgirls showed up in uniform periodically and started making out?

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Finally some news from the Asian region that isn't about SARS or North Korea. And it's even some good news!
If you have a lot of time to kill, you can read the recently unsealed transcripts of the McCarthy hearings.

This link comes courtesy of BBspot.
Yeah, but why are women in science still so damn ugly?

That wasn't nice, I know. I'm making a broad generalization, or a generalization about broads. And being a shallow prick; bonus points for that. In all seriousness, this is nice, because we really do need more women in science and engineering, even if they aren't pretty.
Even in slow times, we can make fun of software people.

Okay, these aren't really "software people" like the codemonkeys who hack the Linux kernel or write code for Office. These are embedded systems programmers, who have to deal with different kinds of challenges from regular software engineers. But you've still gotta yell at someone. Spacecraft control falls under the category of a hard real-time system - where if the system fails, people can die. Sounds like someone may not have spent enough time testing this shit out before it was deployed.
Hey, wasn't the war in Iraq supposed to scare everyone shitless so they would do what we told them to? Uh-oh.
Apparently, the whole world revolves around me after all. Specifically, it revolves around me being employed, because once things started ramping down with my job, stuff stopped happening. It seems like there has been next to nothing to complain about.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Hey lady, if he poisoned a bunch of people, he wasn't a "nice fellow."
Anyway, while I'm in the midst of being positive, let's see if I can find any other way to stifle hope for the day.

Oh yeah, I had some more thoughts on that online dating shit. Apparently, that's become the target for today. Another reason why it's all a waste of time is because, in the end, so many people will let shallow shit be the deal breaker. I guess I'm not really attacking people on this one; we're all shallow to some degree. The thing is, I fucking kick ass. But it doesn't matter how much cool shit I post on my interests and personality on those fucking matchmaking sites, because all I have to do is post a picture, or create a one-line ad that says "I'm 5'3"", and it's all over.
So I've signed up for one of those online matchmaking services before, and it's been completely useless. I've gotten one e-mail from someone before, and they (not surprisingly) turned out to be a spammer. After reading that article, I went ahead and made a token effort to sign up with another one. But you know what? I'm still gonna die alone, so there's 15 more minutes wasted. Hey, where'd I put my sleeping pills?
Being an engineer, I'm for technology and all, but do they have to take the fun and mystery out of everything?

Online dating takes away the "sting of face-to-face rejection"? C'mon, I wouldn't have a decimated self-esteem without that. It allows you to search millions of users at the touch of a button? That saves time, which takes all the fun out of trying to balance what was, until last Wednesday, a busy schedule. And it gives us the "bar experience on steroids" without all the drunken assholes? Where's the fun in that?

Wait, what the fuck am I talking about? This online dating thing is fuckin' great.
More bullshit posturing. This Toby Keith Mentality (TKM) really needs to stop.
This is fucking great.
Yeah, it serves as a powerful message, alright. North Korea has seen it as a message indicating to them that they need things like nuclear weapons to defend themselves should we ever attack them.

The bullshit macho posturing has gotten out of hand, and people like Rummy are well on their way to getting us all killed. Saying shit like "Syria has to realize..." and using phrases like "behavior modification" are just fucked up, and not helping things.
Remember when we were going to be greeted with open arms as liberators? God, that was great, being lied to.
Dude, if Monty Python's pissed at you, you must be doing something wrong. Okay, one guy from Monty Python, but still. Close enough.
A Conservative hypocrite? Oh my!