Friday, May 30, 2003

Wow, I'm making a post from another state. Woo hoo.

Way to make yourself look stable, Mike.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

This seems to be a side issue that pops up from time to time. You know, this is fucking food we're talking about here. Don't European countries have the right to test this shit out before they accept it? We have no idea if there are long-term deleterious effects caused by the consumption of genetically modified foods. Of course, we may have an idea some day, since a good deal of food consumed here is genetically modified, as arrogantly pointed out by the Standard. I'll bet a lot of people aren't even aware of this fact.

The jury is still out on the issue, and there's nothing wrong with being cautious. There are lots of questions - some of which are outlined here in a somewhat old but no doubt still relevant Chicago Tribune article. Like usual, though, we try and cram shit down the rest of the world's throats, and expect for them to just take it. Then when they don't, whiny American pussies throw a tantrum.
Yeah, reconstruction is hard. Maybe that's why it's not a good idea to get involved in another reconstruction project before you've done a halfway decent job on the one you're already working on. I've only read the sub-article on Afghanistan so far, but yeah, our track record in this field still sucks.
Dude, if it goes off the air, what the hell is Geordi gonna do?

Seriously, this is fucked up. This is actually one show that actually aims to do something good for kids, but it's going to go down in flames because of marketing and demographics. Oh, and I totally think they could make some action figures, too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Oh yeah, and one more thing. The fucking tax cuts. This is great, because I should have a real job and more money any day now.

Also, this fucking package is like $400 less than what Bush wanted, but he's still passing it off as a victory. Fucking lying prick assholes.
Jesus, it's been two fucking weeks since I've written anything in this blog. Well, I've been fucking busy. The unemployment blog was short-lived; in fact, it was more active when I was at my last job and didn't have shit to do for the last two weeks than it was when I actually didn't have a job for the following two weeks. Of course, when I was genuinely unemployed, there was like next to nothing happening in the world. About all I did for the first week was watch anime and spend my last precious few days masturbating with broadband. Then, of course, the tail end of my second week was spent packing stuff. And holy hell, do I have a lot of stuff.

Now that I'm back living at home like a fucking loser, I'm not very inclined to get online with dialup. I can tolerate getting online, checking my mail, and maybe reading a news story or two. But hell if I have the patience to try and do anything with the blog. Then, at my new job, which is actually my really old job from my undergrad days, I'm actually pretty fucking busy. Since I'm in charge of getting a small but non-trivial network into a respectable state, I actually have a nice list of things to keep me busy. Take today, for instance, where I set up 13 linux machines to be fully controllable through the serial port. I even made my own fucking null modem cable. How hard core is that? Shit. Technically, I think I'm hard as steel.

Okay, I'm not really that hard core. The stuff I'm doing isn't terribly complex, and it definitely isn't "engineering". But it's work, and it actually is fun. You probably wouldn't think so, but hey, that's why you're not doing this, and I am. Of course, the people who are really supposed to be doing this stuff aren't, but that's because they're fucking morons. They aren't incompetent from the technical stance, they just don't do anything. Fine by me. At least now I know shit'll actually get done.

So what is going on in the world? Most likely a bunch of bullshit. I've been keeping up with the headlines, but that's about it. Stuff going on in the Middle East, like usual. Talks are scheduled, blah blah blah. With the Bush Administration involved, I really don't see things going very far. Bush brokering for peace in the middle east is about as disingenuous as, well, Bush sending us into Iraq for "liberation" purposes.

Then there's the whole Laci Peterson murder nonsense. Does anyone really care about this? I've given less than a shit about this whole ordeal. Yeah, it sucks and all, but I don't see how this case is any more or less valid than any other murder. The only thing that's bothered me about the whole trial is that it's given the right-to-lifers an excuse to come out of the woodwork and make some sort of pseudo anti-abortion statement. This is dangerous because I've realized something. The Administration clearly would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, but they're pretty sure it's not going to happen. As such, they're going to do every little fucking thing possible to undermine a woman's right to choose.

Back in politics, we're doing lots of fucking around with Iran. Infuriating, and unsurprising. I don't think we will be going into any country to "liberate" them anytime soon, but I think we're more than willing to push countries to the point where they either play ball or do something stupid so that we have an excuse to go after them. Our foreign policy is pretty much just "Who wants a piece?"

Naturally, I've heard next to nothing about North Korea.

Well, it's been nearly three weeks since my last mention of WMD, and of course, still nothing. You know what I'm thinking now? There never was anything, and the Administration knew it. And you know what? They didn't care. They just needed a good excuse to get others on board, namely Tony Blair. The real goal was, of course, regime change. As long as they have that, which they do, everything else is secondary. They're so confident in their skills of spin and damage control that they have no problem simply cleaning up and explaining away the absence of WMD.

Okay, that's it for now. That's my take on a handful of things going on, and what the fuck I've been up to. Of course, you don't care, because you're no one. I don't mean that in a deprecating manner; I just literally mean you're no one, because no one is fucking reading this.