Friday, July 11, 2003

A lovely housewife who did some fine charity work. Fuck the Royal Family.
The old ball and chain.
Here's an interesting link that can help give some summaries for all the candidates I won't be voting for next year, but you might. Either that, or you'd rather just have a computer decide who you should vote for.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

You know, for a country that is as uptight about sex as we are, we sure like to talk about dick medication.

Is anybody else bothered by this shit? Considering that the black widow produces "a poison that can produce muscular seizure, acceleration of the heart and even death," I'm not sure I want to be taking anything derived from it that targets my dick. Also, what is with complaints that one of Viagra's side effects is an accelerated heart rate? Isn't that the fucking point?
Everything about this is absurd.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Gotta love Hillary.
Meanwhile, more shit flinging with North Korea.
Great, just what we need, the celebration of more fat fucking kids. Those two weigh as much as I do. That's fucked up.
No, no, this has to be bullshit. Maybe everything I've been linking from these fucking Japanese sites has been bullshit. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised though if any of it were true, or if any of it were false.
Are they making this shit up?
Who says strippers don't have an artistic side? And be sure and hit the Chinkichi web page they link at the bottom of that article - you need to see these fuckin' things for yourself.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Also, if anyone has ever given enough of a shit and wanted to go through the archives for this pissant little blog, but then just got an error, I figured out how the hell to fix that. And let me know if any archive error messages show up in the future.
Why can't trends like this ever catch on over here? I'd fucking re-do highschool if that were the case. Especially, since, apparently, these girls have "a desire to be controlled."
You know, I would feel way more low class taking my laptop when I go to visit the Ron.
Why is the solution always an increase in military size? No matter what point in my life it's been, there's always clamoring for more military. Yeah, I only have perspective on the past couple of decades, but it is kind of a motif with these people.

Here's an idea. If we're so worried about spreading ourselves thin, why don't we spend a little more time thinking shit through before committing troops to Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Endor? You know, like, do we really need to be doing this? If we do send our troops somewhere unnecessarily, it might not hurt to do some advance planning as to what the fuck those troops are going to do when they get there. They seem to have the marching and killing stuff down OK, but are a little weak on the policing and protecting fronts. I know that there's always going to be a need for some level of manpower, but maybe some more prep work and planning meetings might help reduce the number of men we need. You can throw thousands and thousands of troops at a problem, but if they don't know what the fuck they're doing, it doesn't matter.

Hey, I'm not saying this shit is easy, OK. But it can be done. All that the Pentagon hawks cared about was ousting Saddam. They didn't really give a shit about anything else beyond that. Getting water and power flowing? We'll get to it. Just so long as Saddam and his regime are out of there. And of course, considering that the Taliban is coming back in Afghanistan and al Qaeda seems to be doing just fine lead me to believe that we haven't heard the last from Saddam (and I'm not just talking about the occasional music video that he releases).

Also, I've been seeing a few examples of war supporters pulling back on the WMD front. Lately, and this was a trend started by Bush, I've heard lots of talk about "weapons programs" in Iraq. Mr. Kagan makes reference to "imminence of Saddam's development" (emphasis mine) of WMD. But a "program" for "development" doesn't mean he has anything to actually threaten us with. Shit, my friends and I technically had a "weapons program" back in high school when we wanted to make ammonium triiodide. We even had the iodine for it at one point. Did we ever make any of the stuff? Hell no. Sometimes you just don't care enough to go through the effort just to fuck up some people's houses.

Finally, can someone explain to me what the deal is with naming and numbering military divisions? Why is it always the "173rd brigade" or "101st airborne"? Are there brigades 1 through 172? I mean, I suppose I could see us having 100 other airborne divisions, but is seems like I'm always hearing the exact same fucking numbers, too. It sorta feels like the random number scheme in Evangelion. Connections 101 through 173 have been severed!
It's always interesting to see people from "friendly" countries who aren't real thrilled with us.
So what would it take to get more cities, way more cities, fired up like this? Granted, this may not do anything in practice, but it makes a statement. And not a "statement" like Charlie's Angels not having guns - it shows that people are actually pissed off about evil shit like the USA-PATRIOT Act.
What is the big fucking deal with gay marriage? It's obviously self-evident to me that this shouldn't be an issue and that gay marriage should be allowed since it's what I believe in, but c'mon. Why do so many people give a shit as to what other people do? It's not like allowing men to marry men and women to marry women suddenly halts the practice of men and women marrying.

Also, before we go any further, it just needs to be said that Bill Frist is fucked up.

For some reason, anti-gay factions say that this undermines the institution of marriage. That's bullshit, because it's not based on anything. I would say it's a "leap in logic," but there's actually no logic involved whatsoever. It's nothing but ignorant, intolerant, and often religious rhetoric. You know what undermines the institution of marriage? The bloody high divorce rate. Or people getting married when they're like 12 because they're too lazy or insecure to wait or even find someone decent. Which, of course, is helping contribute to said high divorce rate. Seriously, it's shit like that which is making it seem to me like marriage doesn't mean shit anymore to quite a few people.

I can't remember who it was who said it, but these anti-gay marriage people should actually be advocating gay marriage, because that's the surefire way to keep them from having sex.

And this word "sacrament" being used to describe marriage is just making me want to puke in my soup. Do you think maybe they meant to say "sacrifice," and just fucked it up somewhere along the way?
Even when it ends in failure, some of the shit we can do is still pretty impressive. It's a shame that our medicine still isn't an exact science, though.
Poor Tony.
Fuck Spike Lee. This was all nonsense, but it's good to see that it's over. I mean, seriously, what a bunch of shit. No one was going to associate Spike TV with Spike Lee, and "Spike TV" is a stupid fucking name anyway.
If this doesn't put in perspective how much it sucks for us Cub fans, nothing will.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Why is it that we can come up with zero tolerance policies for just about anything, but no one has suggested zero tolerance for ignorance? Seriously, if we just bombed Arkansas out of existence, would anyone care?