Saturday, August 02, 2003

You know, it looks like some people are asking the right questions. So why the fuck isn't it going anywhere? Why is this Administation so good at getting its way? Why don't average citizens question anything?

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Fun with radiation.

You know, after dropping those bombs, we totally deserve to have our lives ruined by being suckered into buying tons of cars, TVs, and anime.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The latest involving those evil fucks, the drug companies. The idea of them teaming up with anti-abortion groups is fucking nauseating, too.
Hey Tom, it's this kind of bullshit rhetoric that's not helping. It just shows how fucking biased we are, something we can't be if we want to have any hopes of being a successful mediator. Look, I'm sorry, but at this point, it doesn't matter who's right or who's wrong. Clearly, the Palestinian side has plenty of shit they need to work out. But it's not like the Iraelis are bending over backwards to make this shit work.

Look, I know that Middle East peace is a longshot, maybe even impossible. But these people aren't even trying.

Also, is anyone else bothered by Jews and Christians teaming up like this? Aren't they supposed to hate eachother because of this little crucifixion incident 2000 years ago? Just goes to show you how sickeningly politicized organized religion has become.
It's a shame no one could have predicted that people would be unhappy with us fucking around in Iraq. It's also good to see that killing Uday and Qusay helped calm people's nerves over there.

I don't know, I guess I should stop bitching about this, but I can't help it. What's done is done, though. I didn't think we had any business over there in the first place, but that is long since irrelevant. Furthermore, I am by no means advocating us just pulling out of there. Unfortunately, we don't have a choice but to stay there. For how long, who knows. And I don't even want to imagine how bad it might get with us there, but it beats the alternative of abandoning yet another country we said we'd "help," leaving a massive power vacuum that most likely would end up even worse than if we had stayed there. Most likely.

Even though there's no changing what's already done, I just wish we could finally learn from this and maybe think twice before we do this pre-emptive strike bullshit again.
By my count, 561 people have now claimed responsibility for the 16 words. At first glance it seems important that Bush would admit wrongdoing, but when you look at it for more than 6 seconds it starts to look like another clever ploy. We know that Bush just does what he's told. Same goes for any president - there are plenty of people below him who are responsible for gathering, analyzing, and ultimately reporting intelligence to the President. Bush taking responsibility is meaningless. It still doesn't answer the question as to whether or not the case against Iraq was, as our British friends have been saying, "sexed up" to make Iraq look like a bigger threat than it really was.
But what if no means yes, and yes means harder?
Not that it's a surprise, but now at least he's come out and said it so that I have another solid reason to hate this man.

Bush is such a fucking lying, ignorant piece of fucking shit that I can't even get in enough swearwords in one fucking sentence to express how fucking much I hate that goddamn cocksucker. Yeah, important to "respect each individual" my fucking ass.

CNN also has a poll up now, and currently, 62% of people are saying that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. What the fuck is wrong with people? Why are they so fucking retarded? Why does it matter to anyone what anyone else does? Why do these people give a shit? I hate Bush, but I hate a good deal of the populace just as much for being so fucking stupid. God damn it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

So I was reading in the paper today about some local libraries that were purging their records in defiance of the USA-PATRIOT act. Of course, I'm thinking that's great - anytime someone stands up against that fucked up piece of legislation is fine by me. But I got to thinking - what exactly do they mean when they say that records are being purged? If it's paper records, that's easy - just burn that shit. But a lot of stuff is computerized these days. I sincerely hope they're doing more than just hitting the delete key on stuff, which doesn't make data disappear like some people might think. I would imagine that libraries could tell the government "Oh, sorry, we deleted our records", but then the Feds say "Well, give us your computers anyway" and then use either simple methods or complex forensics to retrieve the "deleted" data. Hopefully these libraries are using some proper tools to truly delete records that they want purged.
The joy of love.
I really like this Krugman guy's columns. Yeah, I know I'm just preaching to the converted with these links, and not doing a good job of being anywhere near balanced or showing the other side, but fuck it. It's nice to see at least someone out there is asking these questions in a large public forum like the Times.
Wow, we actually said "no" to Saudi Arabia. It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out, because it's going to take some skills to balance things out. Right now, we've got the Saudis up in arms over accusations that people over there have been helping al Qaeda. But we don't want to piss them off too much by telling them who exactly it is that we have our suspicions about.

Let's get hypothetical for a minute. What do you think would happen if we found out that the Saudi government was helping the terrorists? Even if went so far as to directly fund the September 11th attacks? Look, I have my doubts about what the hell is up with that country, but I'm not saying that I think this is what happened - I obviously don't know. I'm just throwing this scenario out for argument's sake. By "found out," I mean it becomes public knowledge. Do you think people would finally get pissed, and start calling for an end to relations with Saudi Arabia? What would happen when you told them that gas might go up $.06 a gallon for even thinking about it? How far is the government willing to go to protect the Saudi-US relationship? How far are we willing to go?
So this is pretty fucked up. But you know, in an evil way, this may have been useful. Think about it - who's more obsessive than gamblers? I think that alone could have made this a decent tool. Also, in a screwed up way, the fact that they're coming up with ideas like this gives me some hope. After all, there's really no way that we can predict this shit. I'm sorry, but if terrorists really want to do shit, they probably will. I think the Defense Department realizes this. Yeah, it's kinda scary if they're punting on things, but I do like to see realistic attitudes. And you know, why not just bet it on a fucking horse?

In the end, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Daschle and Dorgan make intelligent arguments against this system. I can easily see how this would encourage terrorist acts. Bet on the assasination of a leader... Then go assasinate the leader. Also, this would just piss other countries off. Of course, we don't really care who we piss off, so while that's a valid argument from where I stand, that kind of logic fails our government.

Monday, July 28, 2003

I guess Windows XP users can breathe easy... Maybe.
More industrious Japanese kids.
This has been getting the links for awhile now, but here it is in case you haven't seen it.
So we were having a discussion the other day on how mod chips for game consoles work. Well, here's an explanation.

It was pretty much like I figured - there's uncopyable data on factory discs, which of course won't appear on a copied disc. The modchip helps compensate for this using a microcontroller (which is typically a simple CPU packaged with other stuff like memory all on a single chip).

I don't know what the deal is with Playstations and black CD-Rs, though, and if they really do work or not. Seems to me like they shouldn't work without a mod chip, even if they're as black as the night itself, mayor.
I'll be happy if they can come out with some cool toys, but they don't use McFarlane's stupid fucking packaging that everyone else and their fucking dog has adopted.

Speaking of toys, which I so rarely do, has anyone been to Toys 'R' Sucks lately? There's one in my area that has started re-organizing their shelf space. The new additions can best be described as miniature aisles. That's right, aisles. With the new stupid organization they put in place within the last couple of years, it's been that fucking un-navigable setup of all those stupid fucking 'X' shaped units, with some small four-sided islands and some larger two-sided ones. Well, at least in the action figure area, which really is one of the most important places. Anyway, they're now extending those two-sided ones by adding more units to form what look like little mini aisles. Maybe they got a clue that their new store organization is total shit and that linearity and orthogonality are the keys to designing a good store? At least a store where people can find this thing called 'product'? Yeah, I know, they're probably not, and their so-called product is mostly shit. But if I'm going to go into a store and break down crying because it's never going to be good again, I at least want to be able to to do so on nice, straight aisles.
Here's the other side of the FCC and media ownership debate from Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC (and also Colin Powell's son).