Saturday, October 11, 2003

Not surprisingly, the Princeton kid who found a way around an anti-copying scheme for certain CDs earlier this week is being sued.

"Halderman came to false conclusions concerning the robustness and efficacy of SunnComm's MediaMax technology." What? Being able to defeat something by holding down "shift" pretty much re-defines non-robust and non-effective.

What a bunch of shit. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA, which is a bunch of shit in and of itself in many ways) makes it illegal, among other things, to circumvent copyright protection mechanisms. I don't think the shift key trick really qualifies, though. There's a difference between circumvention and just finding a flaw in shittily written software. The DMCA should not be allowed to be used as a backup for bad engineering. Well, bad programming in this case.

Furthermore, there's the whole driver installation issue. It should be fucking illegal for anything to install something on your computer without your knowledge. My guess is that there is no warning about the driver installation if SunnComm is pissed about the disclosure about the drivers. People have a right to know if something is going to be installed, plain and simple.
Lately I've been waffling on this issue.

On one hand, I'm like, we are seriously overburdening our military and our economy with this little misadventure. On top of that, pretty much no one wants us there. If we do pull out, it would make a lot of people happy.

On the other hand, of course, is the fact that we just cannot abandon people we pledged to help, especially since we're responsible for the current state of things. It's just morally wrong, plus it is yet another strike against our already non-existent credibility. Credibility which is non-existent thanks to things like our abandonment of Afghanistan (take your pick of the 80s or now).

Still, is it really our business to force things on Iraqis, even if it's the "right" thing to do? That's kinda-sorta-but-not-really what got us into this mess. Sure, getting rid of Saddam was a good thing for the Iraqi people - even us freedom and America hating liberals agree with that. But still, what business do we have interfering like that? Not like it matters, though, since the Administration removed Saddam for plenty of reasons, none of which were to help the plight of ordinary Iraqis.

The only decent solution I can see is to step back the American presence there, don't do stupid shit like let Turkey deploy troops, and let the UN and other nations contribute more. This scheme, of course, brings new meaning to the phrase "pipe dream."
The continual assertion that Asscroft and Justice can lead a fair, impartial, and effective probe is just so bloody infuriating that I can't even see straight.

I'd love to be there when Karl Rove is interviewed:

Interviewer: "So, Karl, did 'ya have anything to do with this?"
Karl Rove: "Nope."
Interviewer: "Thanks for your time."

Then Rove goes back to fucking this country in the ass, and the "investigation" rolls on.
Even though he most likely didn't write the list, Gray Davis and Al Gore should totally go on a comedy tour.

No, I'm serious, Al Gore can be a funny guy. My favorite line from him was when he complained "You know, everyone gives me flak for saying I invented the internet, but no one ever gives Strom Thurmond a hard time when he says he invented the wheel." This joke was made, of course, before Thurmond became clinically dead.
Well, this might be news, if it ends up actually happening. You never know when North Korea is involved.
Practice makes perfect.

Friday, October 10, 2003

It's a fucking '65 Mustang, honey. I'm sorry, but you've already lost.

"Hey, maybe let her get behind the wheel once in a while." Yeah, fat chance of that happening.
Do you ever find yourself unable to think of anything useful to say when leaving eBay feedback, so you just end up saying basically the same fucking thing you said for the last person you last dealt with? Well, that's what I usually do. Despite being lazy, I've never been so lazy as to just copy and paste the last thing someone else left for the person I'm currently leaving feedback for. This happened to me today, and I feel cheated.

Yeah, the feedback comments are pretty useless, and all I really care about is getting the positive feedback, which I had better fucking get seeing as how I always pay immediately. Still though, I found this to be a new depth of laziness, and for some fucking reason thought I'd share.
I don't really need to go into what a bunch of shallow, physical beauty obsessed cunts we are, and it just keeps getting stupider and stupider. To say nothing of the fact that we are so instant-gratification-centric that we need to have this shit done in an hour.

I'm a shallow asshole myself who likes getting what I want when I want it. But enough is enough already.

And that bacon metaphor? Not helping. But probably not hurting, either, because people are fucking morons. I can't wait until peoples' faces just start sliding off thanks to this procedure.

I'm going to develop some kind of beauty treatment or wrinkle remover or whatever that requires people to bathe in their own feces. You know what? People will be all over it, like stink on shit.
Do you think these Korean kids get to read the Kim Jong Il manga as one of their textbooks?
More on the total fucking bullshit that is the Texas re-districting saga.
Gee, I wonder if they're going to get drunk to celebrate.
Okay, look, guys. Iran having nuclear weapons makes me nervous, too. But I'm really getting tired of all the bullshit threats against Iran, Syria, and whoever else. We kind of have other shitstorms that are nowhere near being resolved, and we cannot be starting even more fucking wars. With as thinly as our forces are stretched, any serious conflict could very easily lead to a draft, and I don't wanna fucking die just because the Hawks wanted to kill some people just because they felt like it.
There isn't anything really new in this story, but it is fun to think about Rummy coming apart at the seams. I'm just looking forward to the press conference where he finally snaps, jumping into the front row and eating a reporter alive.
More of the same in Israel.
You know, none of this would have happened if those kids had just been praying in school.

What the fuck kind of teacher's training do you go through where you learn S&M techniques as a way of handling elementary schoolers?
Someone got here by searching for "bitter stupid fucking asshole." Yup, you've found him.
Fuck you, Dick Cheney. Fuck you in your fat, balding, evil asshole. This "single day of horror" shit is just more bullshit rhetoric designed to do nothing but instill fear in the populace, and it is just beyond fucking infuriating to keep hearing this garbage. There is so much bullshit in the rest of those quotes, but I'm so fucking pissed right now that I don't even want to talk about it.
Why the fuck can't people just stick to their guns when they say something offensive? "Yeah, I said it. So what?" As if she meant it literally. And if she did, who fucking cares? God forbid anyone should make any kind of joke in this country.

Anyone with any kind of sense has said Britney Spears should be shot, and Ehrlich would have gotten bonus irony points for making this statement at a domestic violence conference had she not pussed out and apologized. It's perfect, because I'm sure we've all had some sort of Britney Spears DV fantasies. Maybe not fantasies about shooting her, but definitely ones where you at least give her the business end of a Bismarck.

I suppose I should cut Britney some slack due to the fact that she allowed herself to be whored out back when she was a teenager, and that pretty much makes my lolicon fantasyland look normal since I've got proof positive that everyone goes for that. I don't care; she should still be shot, and people need to quit being pussies and be willing to say so.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I have a friend who tells a version of this joke (the clown one) perfectly. Her telling of it was probably enhanced not only by her delivery, but also by the fact that it was 5 A.M. and we were all sitting at the airport and barely conscious.
Another Democratic Presidential debate is going down tonight in Phoenix, with coverage on CNN.
Yeah, well, he's got a funny way of showing it.
As mentioned in the Guardian interview I posted a couple of days ago, Michael Moore's new book Dude, Where's My Country? is now available.
I dunno, Rummy - the management of the Iraq situation is pretty important. Is it more important than the Cubs? Hmmm... Tough call.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I think we can solve this by just staging a cage match between Rice and Rumsfeld.
Okay, dude, what the hell is the matter with you? No, the fetish is fine, but if you're that hard up for uniforms, you can just go out and buy them.

By "buy," they actually have specialty stores where you can purchase uniforms worn by actual female students, along with a picture of the girl who wore the uniform. I suppose that's creepy but not too bad when you consider that you can buy used and unwashed women's panties over the internet. It does get well beyond creepy, however, when you find out that in addition to the uniforms, you can also buy little bottles of the girl's spit and urine.

I heard that they actually started selling schoolgirl saliva in vending machines, and that they were going to expand the product line to include menstrual fluid. I'm sure you really wanted to know all this. Of course, it could be bullshit since I've never seen this in person, but I have read about it from a couple of different places. And, well, we know how the Japanese are.

Oh, and if you're wondering how I know about schoolgirl urine and used panty sales, it's not because I've actually made these purchases. No, if I'm going to bother buying a uniform in real life, I might as well just go the full nine and buy myself a Japanese high school girl. You chuckle now in disturbed irony, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were actually possible knowing those deviants.
Okay, I'm in a much better mood tonight thanks to a 12-3 Cubs win over the Fish. Arnold is still going to be governor, but all that there is now is to watch, complain, and criticize.

Here's one reason why I love Cubs baseball, especially at Wrigley Field. In the first inning, Pudge Rodriguez fouls a pitch back, which the Cubs' catcher Paul Bako has a play on. He would have caught it at the wall, but some dipshit fan reaches up and keeps him from making the play and the out. Almost immediately the stadium breaks out into a chant of "Asssss-hole... Asssss-hole."

That guy is lucky Pudge was retired and the Cubs got out of the inning unscathed, otherwise the fan's naked, lifeless body would have been paraded up and down Waveland immediately afterwards.

Speaking of baseball, holy fuck. The Cubs won a championship series game, and the BoSox won as well. Nothing more really needs to be said (at least, for anyone who both knows and gives a shit about baseball, which isn't many people).
Here's the most amusing moment of the week. I'm on the drive home today, and I pass a Jeep Wrangler that was in need of a car wash. Scribbled in the dirt on the back window by someone's finger was the following:

"I wish my wife was this dirty"
Have you seen those Nextel commercials where they have a group of people (a couple getting married, a group in a business meeting, et al) who are all sitting right next to one another, and they're talking to each other through the walkie-talkie feature of the phone? If I catch anyone doing that in real life, they're getting punched.
Hmmm, who would be worse: the Emperor or Saddam?
Today's score:

Me: 3
eBay Fucks: 0

I continue to hate these people, though. They still can't learn that bidding at any point other than the very end is just stupid, and driving up the price for all of us. And don't get me started on the sellers. This one fucking prick actually charged $15 for shipping inside the US for four magazines. In the end, it's not that bad, because the items themselves went pretty cheap - it all evened out in the end. But saying you're selling at "2 for 1" prices and then jacking up shipping to compensate is bullshit.

California voters win the "Asshole of the Week" honors, and they're making a run for monthly and yearly honors. People on eBay, those soulless cocksuckers, deserve a lifetime achievement award.

While we're on the subject of online assholes, I've come across another huge prick. There's this guy who runs a site which is populated by tons and tons of scans from photobooks and magazines. This is pretty common online, but as far as I know, in violation of things like copyright law. But here's the kicker: this guy is charging for access to his site. That's right; he has illegally reproduced copyrighted material and is offering it up for sale. The only way he could be doing this legally is if he held the copyrights to said material, but I sincerely doubt he does. So, an honorary asshole of the week award to that guy.
Some points to ponder on Iraq's political situation.
As if it needs to be said, the fucking disgraceful deed has been done.

My condolences to anyone in California who tried to fight this recall. And a big hearty fuck you to all the assholes who did this. Thanks for setting an ugly precedent. Thanks for showing what a bunch of fucking morons we are in this country, a country that will elect someone because they're a movie star and not because they have any qualifications for being a state governor.

Oh, and thanks for letting yet another Republican power-grab slip by, and for forcing us to take one more step towards single-party statehood. Slowly but surely, they're chipping away.




Roe v. Wade.


Just to name a few examples. Welcome to Hell, kids. Population: us.
Since I posted a bunch of WaiWai stories last Wednesday, I decided to do it again and build a weekly feature around it. So here is the second installment of the Weekly Wednesday WaiWai Roundup, or W^4 for short. I would have called it the W^4 "Woundup" to continue with the alliteration, but that would just be fucking retarded. Let's get it on.

Here is the winner of this week's worst headline award.

If a boyfriend told me I wasn't dressed well enough, I'd just kick him in the nuts and leave. But if you want to turn it into a materialistic mission, that's cool, too. "Upwardly mobile"... That's just classic.

Those girls in Nagoya can learn a thing or two about handling their boyfriends from girls in Tokyo. Personally, I'd be willing to cover train fare for that whole uniform deal. As if I needed to say that.

One big problem they have in Japan is men who grope women they don't know on crowded commuter trains. They've even gone so far as to have women-only trains in some instances to combat the issue. We have NAMBLA, they have Tomo-no-Kai. Sure, groping isn't as bad as child molestation, but they're all a bunch of assholes. Also, it sounds like Arnold would fit right in with these people, if only he weren't an 8-foot tall Austrian motherfucker.

And finally, don't bother reading this one around mealtime (or maybe just not at all), unless of course if you're into good old-fashioned sado-masochism.
Another salvo is fired in the P2P music debate.
Here's some international toy news that for once has nothing to do with the Japanese.

I still like Roseanne's idea of having new Barbies like Alcoholic Barbie. Also, this article made me kind of curious: what are cartoons like in other countries? I'm fairly well versed in American and Japanese animation, but I would be interested in seeing what others put out.

What do you call Iranian cartoons, anyway? Iranimation? Regardless, I don't see us going to any Iranian animation cons anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I am so fucking pissed off right now.
I saw an article in yesterday's paper that gave me the impetus to speak out in defense of yet another group of assholes. This time, it's Big Tobacco. There was some kind of rally downtown where people were marching against the industry's advertising tactics, which I think is pointless.

The tobacco industry's street cred as the worst kind of money grubbing fucks is well known. They are in business to make as much money as possible, and they don't care about the thousands who die thanks to their products.

The reason why I defend the tobacco companies is exactly for the fact that their reputation is well established. Furthermore, everyone knows that if you smoke, and you keep doing it, you're greatly increasing the chances of serious illness and death. This isn't the 50s and 60s anymore where Big Tobacco is lying and telling us that smoking is actually good for us, either. With all this information, lots of people don't care. And you know what? That's their choice. I could give less than a fuck about what someone else wants to do with their body. Besides, as Chandler from Friends pointed out during the first season, "The bottom line is, smoking is cool and you know it."

Do any smokers out there smoke because of an advertisement they saw? I doubt there are many, if any. No, people smoke for plenty of other reasons - peer pressure, to relieve stress, whatever. Neither Joe Camel nor the Marlboro Man ever showed up at anyone's door or any bars and started cramming cigarettes into people's mouths and fired them up.

Speaking of ads, I saw an ad put out by Philip Morris themselves promoting helping people quit last night, and this offended me. They're actually being forced to help try get people to stop buying their products? To do something that is just bad business? Come on, this has gotten way out of hand.

I have never smoked a cigarette in my entire life, and to be honest, fucking hate being around cigarette smoke in most instances. But you know what? I don't care if anyone else does it, because they have all the information they need, and they're free to make their own decisions. For the most part, I can just avoid smoke if I want to, so everyone's happy.

Continuing with the advertising realm, fuck those stupid "Truth" commercials. You know, the ones where they stack bodybags outside of tobacco company buildings and shit like that. I'm tempted to track these assholes down and light up in front of them just to make a point to those sanctimonious Nazi fucks.

Fuck you, Truth people, and fuck you, assholes rallying downtown. If people really want to smoke, they're going to smoke. Also, it's not like you're exposing some great evil - the evil is already well known. So just go home and get over yourselves already.
In the words of Ned and Jimbo, thin out their numbers.
The do-not-call list is back on. For now.
A new Onion is up, including the latest from Smoove B.
Sony is pushing the next rev of the PS2 with the official unveiling of the PSX home entertainment console.
Meanwhile, things are looking real good elsewhere in the Middle East. Christ, hearing Sharon talk about fighting for peace is like... Well, hearing Bush talk about peace. Sure, fighting terrorism is a good thing, but neither Sharon nor Bush really want an end to terrorism. Sharon is much happier continuing to kill the people he hates, and Bush is all too glad to continue "fighting" the terrorists who have given his administration its legacy.
I am so fucking unmotivated right now to go out and read news stories and do much 'blogging. That's pretty pathetic seeing as how I 'blog when I'm unmotivated to do all the other shit in life - eat, sleep, work, beat off... You know how it goes. At this point in the week, about all I've found motivation for is to hunt down some websites and magazines that focus on my beloved Japanese schoolgirls. Let's see what we can do.

I'm sure I'll be plenty pissed off tomorrow, however, when Arnold is crowned governor of the world's fifth-largest economy. Based on the reports I'm hearing about tons of voters coming out, it looks like people are pissed in one way or another, which is at least one sign of hope if there's anything to be taken away from this recall shit. Also, people aren't fucking kidding when they say that Gray Davis has less charisma than Al Gore.

Despite all the pre-war issues, Turkey is preparing to send troops into Iraq, much to the chagrin of... Everyone. Well, except for the Turkish government, who is getting a nice $8.5 billion loan bribe, and the U.S. which is getting "credibility." We are in serious fucking trouble if we think that just because Turkey is a Muslim nation that there will be a toning down of the hatred towards us.

Naturally, there is plenty of other good news coming out of Iraq. The Knights who say "Nii!" are going to be fucking pissed about that damaged shrubbery.

Oh, but wait - things are going to be OK now that Condi is getting a promotion. I don't know enough about how things work to fully understand the implications of changing the NSC's role like this, but it sounds pretty important. Also, awarding the communications licenses to Middle Eastern firms: token move or a sign of progress?

The deadline for turning over destroying potential evidence in the CIA operative leak scandal is today. Yeah, I'm sure Asscroft's investigation will turn up the culprit. "I want to see to it that the truth prevails" "We would not condone that kind of activity." Bullshit.

Finally, the Pentagon is slashing prices! Everything must go!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Hey, so does everyone remember the Chinpoko Mon episode of South Park? You know, the one making fun of the Pokemon craze? Well, this may not be news to everyone else, but I just discovered that "chinpoko" is a Japanese euphemism for "penis."

Also, remember the episode with Towelie and the Okama Gamesphere? Okama is a word the Japanese use for "gay."

Found these and other useful sex-related Japanese terms on this (non-work appropriate, blah blah blah) page. Just some fun facts on a dull Monday night.
Okay, so I decided to go ahead and move all of the buttons, including the BlogSpeak button, to the bottom of the page. If the button was somehow causing the problem I mentioned earlier, maybe this will fix it. If not, let me know. And if issues new or old show up for anyone, please shoot me off an e-mail (and don't be shooting off anything else in my direction, while we're on the subject) or leave a comment.

Everything looks a-okay on Mozilla 1.4 under Linux. However, Mozilla has been a douchebag in at least one other circumstance, causing another 'blogmaster (who suffers from OCD, nonetheless) possibly unnecessary headache. Hopefully, the site looks right for everyone else in addition to me. And by "looks right" I'm talking HTML-wise, and not the shitty content of the site.
Although the linking is not new, a big thanks to Tiberius and the Evil Colonel for the latest front-page recognition.
Love him, hate him, or just don't care about him, The Guardian presents an interview with Michael Moore.
I smell a veto coming.
I somehow can't help but think that this is bad.
An update on the energy bill in the works in congress.
I saw a train wreck this weekend. The train wreck was entitled Sailor Moon Live Action. Yes, that's right. The Japanese have made a live-action version of the anime. If you've seen any Sailor Moon, you can at least appreciate the fact that some things are just going to be goofy when translating the show into live action.

We watched a "raw" version of the first episode, which is elitist anime fuck speak for un-subtitled, un-dubbed. All Japanese, so we had no idea as to what the hell they were saying, but it didn't matter. We didn't really care, and it was much more fun to just make up our own commentary and dialogue. I totally think we need to come up with our own subtitles for it, or make it into some kind of drinking game. Unlike some people I can name, I don't know enough about the Sailor Moon anime series to make any such endeavor truly amusing or worthwhile, though.

The thing that really pisses me off is that I'm going to watch more of this. For one, it's just pretty fucking funny. Second, they've gotten some cute actresses for the show, and the next episode appears as if it's going to focus around one of these hotties who wears glasses. I am a total sucker for an attractive woman who wears glasses, so those bastards have succeeded in making me want to watch at least one more episode.
Don't you just love a nice, romantic story? You know, some guys actually go over to Iraq, and they have their lives changed in a way that doesn't involve dying or being seriously wounded. Something positive happens, and they run up against stupid racist bullshit. And it is racist, since "Muslims and Christians just don't jive together." Maybe that's a realistic statement to make, but it's kind of a non-issue since these servicemen converted to Islam. Again, that may be naive, and I'm sure issues will arise - but even if that's the case, you've just gotta let people make their own mistakes. At least some people are trying to get along with people who come from other cultures.

In the end, the whole mess on not "jiving" is just another example as to why religion is stupid and dangerous.
I nearly broke my 'blogging moratorium when I read this. The jokes and scathing commentary pretty much write themselves, don't they?
What goes around, comes around. I ran into sidebar problems with someone else's site, and now someone else has run into sidebar issues with Fuck Everything.

The problem they're seeing is that the page will only load down as far as the "Comments Powered By 'Blogspeak" button. Things load fine for me, and this is the first I've heard of the issue from anyone else. This reader is using IE 6 on WinXP. Anyone else experiencing the same problem, or running IE6/XP with no problems?

So far, one suggestion I've gotten hasn't worked out. I'm not sure what else to try, since I know next to nothing about HTML and all that related nonsense. If worse comes to worse, I will just try moving the buttons to the bottom of the page and see if that solves the issue.
I decided to take a couple of days off of 'blogging. That's right; this is how sad I am: I had to make a conscious effort not to 'blog. I took a "vacation." I'm sure there's a medication out there for this condition, but fuck that shit.