Monday, January 12, 2004

The administration made up its mind to remove Saddam well before 9/11? I could have told you that. In, fact, I HAVE. God fucking damn it, why is it that this isn't a bigger deal by now? How many times do we have to go over this?

Back in the fucking 90s a bunch of guys decided that Saddam needed to be taken down. A bunch of them got together as part of group called The Project for a New American Century. They even sent out a letter to Clinton which stated their goal of ousting Saddam. A bunch of PNAC's members - Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld - have big government jobs nowadays. It doesn't take much effort (even for me) to realize that the Iraq war was a foregone conclusion as soon as these guys came to power. All they needed was an excuse - and 9/11 gave them just that.

Am I just stupid to think that this should be a big issue, when in fact it isn't? Am I just being too big of a fucking fundamentalist in wanting people to realize that what was sold as a war of necessity was in fact a war of choice? Is it wrong to be pissed that the administration wanted to do this all along, and they're just exploiting 9/11 in order to get what they want? Am I a fucking moron in that I want accountability for bullshit pretense that is costing us lives, money, and credibility?

This pisses me off so god damn much because it's so much bigger than Son of Gulf War. While the war is a huge deal in and of itself, the bullshit the war is bathed in speaks to the bigger issue of an administration that will lie and scheme to make reality of a pre-determined agenda regardless of the costs.

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