Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Alright people, we need to have a talk. I don't know how difficult the Love Hina dating sim is, and in fact, I don't even know what sim it is you're looking for. Seriously, though, if you are this desperate to cheat, then it is just not worth it.

Seriously, people looking for LH sim cheats have been the majority of my visitors for several days running now. It's gotten fucking ridiculous.

Look, if whatever game it is you're trying to play is in any way reflective of Love Hina, then no amount of cheating is going to allow you to score. The whole bloody show/manga is about getting teased, for chrissakes. That is, of course, unless if manga vol. 14 or Again (neither of which I've read/seen) is nothing but one huge orgy. My guess, however, is that you can't win. Not even with Kitsune, the "promiscuous" one who never actually has any sex.

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