Saturday, January 03, 2004

Bullshit anti-abortion stance excuse #337 SHOT DOWN

So I'm driving through Kansas today. Yeah, I know. Anyway, they're apparently big on Jesus over there or something. Real smart folk. Anyway, one of the many treats of driving though this foreign land are all these fucking pro-life signs and billboards along the highway. One of them read "abortion destroys one of God's creations."

And all I can think to myself is "So?" Even if I grant you the highly doubtful point that God exists, further granting you the even more dubious idea that it's the lame-ass Xtian God, what difference does it make if babies are his creations and we destroy them through abortion? We destroy so many of "God's" "creations" without giving a second thought to them. So even if any of that God nonsense is true, just because babies are created by him doesn't somehow make them special or different, at least not in any way that fits into the framework of this dumbass statement.

Sorry, move along to your next load of horseshit.

Another one I saw had a picture of a baby's head (real nice thing to see on the side of the highway, you know... a big floating fucking baby head) which read "created in God's image." And I'll tell 'ya, that fucking baby on the sign was created in the image of no one but Gerber. Also, if God looks like a bodyless, smiling, bald headed proto-human, I am not impressed.

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