Friday, January 30, 2004

Disingenuous redefined

Of course he does. Just like he wanted the culprit in exposing Valerie Plame to be found. And how he wanted to know the truth behind 9/11. And how he wanted to see justice after Enron.

If Bush were to see any "facts," it would probably be the first time he was ever presented with that particular beast.

There needs to be accountability for this shit - across the board. It's not going to happen, or if it does, it will only be in token fashion. I wouldn't be surprised if Tenet resigned or was fired. There's definitely a case for that, but how great of a coup would it be for the administration to say "Hey, you know all these problems we've been having? Turns out, it was Clinton's guy's fault!"

Probably on of the main reasons Tenet is still around is because he's been useful as a willing scapegoat. He knows that unless he kisses serious ass, like when he took blame for last year's State of the Union yellowcake claims, he'll be out the door in two seconds. We'll see how much longer that holds up.

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