Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Don't forget to get stoked for Bush's State of the Union this evening, starting at 8:30 EST.

What the fuck is up with that picture of Bush? What with his glasses, loosened tie, and a writing implement. Yes, I know, he's "rehearsing." That picture, though, is a bullshit plant just to make it look like Georgie is working real hard. Look, he's gonna go out there, he's gonna regurgitate the drivel that was written for him, and then he's going to crawl back into the hole from whence he came where he does none of the real work of driving this country into the ground. This is only one minor example, but I have had it with them trying to push the notion that Bush is smart or some kind of in-charge leader. He's a figurehead, plain and simple. The jig is up, ok?

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