Thursday, January 08, 2004

For anyone previously unaware of the Club For Growth, they're a far-right group (fiscally, at least) hell-bent on cutting taxes. They sometimes scare even Karl Rove for being too conservative. Here's a handful of selections from CFG's "News and Commentary" section.

Insane psycho-Christian ranting.

I'm presuming that most of this is a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised either way.

Um, you know, even if that 25% figure is correct, $125 billion is still a lot of fucking money. I will give Moore credit for calling the government out on rampant spending; that certainly IS a huge problem. But to imply that all of the costs in the war on terror are justified while other federal spending isn't is nonsense.

In continuing the government spending theme, here Moore gives his opinion on Iraqi reconstruction financing. Some of this I again agree with, up to a point. Yes, it does suck that we (the taxpayer) should have to foot the bill for reconstruction. On the other hand, it would have been shitty to force reconstruction on Iraq, and then tell them to pay for our decisions. Also, we (again, the taxpayer), are the ones who are allowing the administration to get away with all this shit. In the end, Moore loses me when he starts ranting about the French and Germans, but we've been over that before.

The CFG is known for viciously attacking anyone who opposes the Bush tax cuts IN ANY WAY, both D and R alike. This article wasn't written by the CFG, but it's linked off their pages. It talks about one of these attack campaigns against senators who merely wanted to limit the tax cuts to $350 billion, a campaign in which the "traitors" were compared to the French at a time when anti-French sentiments were peaking last year.

No, wait, they can't be far-right after all, what with their ardent support of Rush Limbaugh and all.

I also like how their "Hey, Howard Dean" section includes "Independent" analysis from the totally centrist Wall Street Journal.

I don't think the CFG is real well known, but whether or not one agrees with their methods and goals, I think people definitely need to be aware of them. They are most certainly a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and they don't resort to negative campaigning.

If the CFG were more focused on the "controlling government spending" agenda, I might be a little more in tune with them. However, their primary motivations seem to be tax cuts, tax cuts, and tax cuts. They are rabid in pursuing this goal, which quite frankly, I find troublesome. Plus, seeing Moore speak makes me wonder what planet he's receiving instructions from.

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