Thursday, January 08, 2004

Google search:

fleshlight ebay

For anyone unfamiliar with the Fleshlight, it's a male masturbatory tool shaped kinda like a flashlight that guys stick their dicks into. This search raises a couple of questions.

Was this person looking for a Fleshlight on eBay? Unless if it's brand new, yuck. Okay, technically this really wouldn't be much different than having sex with a woman who has had sex with other men before, but still, there's just something not right about the whole affair.

I suspect that this person may not have been looking for a Fleshlight on eBay, because if they were, why the fuck would they do a Google search instead of just going directly to eBay? Of course, if someone is potentially willing to buy a used sex toy, my guess is that they aren't horribly bright and as such might not make that connection.

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