Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I'm going to renew my claim that there is something seriously fucked up with the Catholic Church. Not only are they being forced to take an ACTIVE role in "protecting" children, but there are signs that not much effort has been made in this regard.

Why should we expect anything to change, anyway? These are SEX OFFENDERS. Sex criminals have an astoundingly high recidivism rate, and as such, there's no way things are going to seriously change unless if we just get those fucking criminals out of there. The fact that there are known abusive priests still running around shows how not serious they are about this issue.

People think that the Church should be "doing a better job of contacting and meeting with victims"? Considering how things have gone, I would recommend against that.

I'm also going to renew my claim that we should just execute sex criminals. Like I said, there's no way you're going to cure them. I mean, think about some of your sexual kinks. Ever tried to shake one off? It's damn near, if not completely, impossible. I don't know why, but once some sort of sexual proclivity is with you, it's just with you.

Of course, I'm not lumping us regular perverts in with the pedophiles. Pedos and other sex criminals take their proclivities to a whole new level where they harm others. And if they do it once, they're going to do it again unless if we step in and do something. And do something serious. Yeah, we're not going to give them the chair like I'm calling for, but we need to lock them up for life. One strike and you're OUT.

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