Monday, January 26, 2004

Massive quantities of ready-to-go WMD and proof of strong ties between Saddam and al Qaeda... Or a guy who just got to Iraq who reported to a guy who reported to Osama. Either way, I think the premises for war have been satisfied.

Yes, I'm going to keep harping on this shit.

Oh, and just since he was mentioned: fuck Daniel Pearl. I felt no rage when that guy was killed, unlike oh-so-many others. What the fuck do you expect to end up happening to someone running around with shady characters in Pakistan? That he'd be treated to ice cream and then sent home with a Pulitzer-prize winning story? I also felt no sympathy for the guy, although I did feel sorry for his wife and unborn child, who have had to suffer because their husband/father was such a selfish asshole.

There are few bigger pieces of shit than "investigative journalists." Egotistical assholes who care more about the personal glory that comes from "getting the scoop" than, oh, I dunno, their families. They'll give you some bullshit about doing great work to inform people, but that's not what drives them. Sorry, I just get pissed when someone knowingly puts themselves in great danger out of sheer self-indulgence when they have a wife back at home and a kid on the way.

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