Friday, January 30, 2004

More bitching about the WMD flap.

It's sad that just now the debate is heating up here in the US over whether or not the justifications for war were overblown. Yeah, there's been some bickering here and there, but not a whole hell of a lot. Nothing to the point of having someone look into it, which is at least now seriously being pondered. Over in Britian, it seems to have been going on for awhile, even if so far all it has produced is the Hutton report and an excuse for Tony Blair to yell at his MPs for ever doubting him. At least they've been trying to get some accountability for this fuck-up.

I'm still having trouble with the whole fuck-up, though. As much as I hate TB, like I said earlier, I have respect for evil genius. TB has shown mad evil genius, but the Iraq war is making them look stupid in so many ways. I was thinking, could the lack of WMD somehow actually be part of their evil plan? I don't see how, but if anyone could turn this into an advantage, it's them. Still, I can't think of any good reasons, any more than I could think of reasons to justify that Saddam allowed himself to be captured as part of his evil plan.

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