Monday, January 19, 2004

Okay, you lazy bastards (except for Jared). After a suggestion by Sarah, I made a couple of posts over at the Messageboard to try and get things started. We even have our first poll up. I suspect that, like all other things in my life, these efforts will be in vain.

Yes, I know, I gave everyone about 12 seconds to hit the messageboard, but my guess is that Sara is right and no one would say anything unless if I did first. C'mon, guys, don't be like I am at bars and parties. Namely, silent.

I also re-organized the different forums after a suggestion by Danny. I was afraid that I had created too many forums and, sure enough, I immediately got a suggestion to cut back. I went ahead and did that, so now there are four main discussion forums, one for posting jokes, another for comments about the site itself as well as suggested links and topics, and finally the polls forum. Hopefully that will help the signal/noise ratio.

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