Monday, January 19, 2004

So the first big step towards seeing a Democrat not get elected president is this evening. Let the meetings in people's kitchens begin.

For anyone like me who didn't fully understand what the fuck a caucus is, CNN currently has a link on their front page entitled "What is a caucus anyway?" I would have linked it, but it's a stupid Javascript window and I'm pretty sure linking it would be useless.

I don't know about anyone else, but the caucus idea seems like such a huge waste of time to me. Of course, I'm pretty simple-minded, and as such may just be too stupid to see the wisdom in caucuses as opposed to primaries. I guess one thing is that it really forces candidates to kiss ass in a particular state, since otherwise candidates probably wouldn't give much of a shit about places like Iowa (sorry, Eye-weegians).

The most surprising thing I learned today: John Edwards is 50?! Holy shit. I dunno why, but I either never heard his age or I didn't pay attention. Shit, just today I was wondering whether or not he's even old enough to be president, but he has that mark beat by a decade and a half. Maybe I'll throw my support behind that guy. It's about fucking time a shallow-ass country like this had another attractive president, isn't it? Hell, anyone who can stay looking that young at 50 has got to have something going for him, which is sadly more than I can say for a lot of other candidates. Seriously, if he has a hot daughter or two, that would totally seal the deal.

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