Monday, January 05, 2004

This here exemplifies one serious problem for the Democrats. I'm not just picking on Clark; this goes for all the D candidates. Every single one of them is more interested in being president than doing what's right for America. Considering the big game they all talk about fixing things in this country, this shows that their actions aren't lining up with their rhetoric. Which isn't surprising, of course, since they are politicians.

Look, I understand how lofty of a goal it is to be running for most powerful man in the world. I can understand how pride and ego would come into play. I get that. I'd just like to see someone have the balls to stand up and say "You know, I'd be willing to do the VP thing if we could put together a winning ticket by doing so." If someone had a set like that, that man would be my fucking hero.

Once someone emerges as a sure-win front-runner for the D nomination, then I'm sure a few of these guys would be happy to accept a VP position. That's not what I'm talking about.

Right now, all of the candidates are campaigning against Howard Dean. They're already losing sight of the real enemy, G Dubya. That, of course, is what Team Bush wants. The more the D candidates fight amongst eachother, the more disunified not only they look, but the more disunified the party looks as a whole. This is not good considering how piss poor the D side looks as it is.

Better yet, I think it'd be even more ballsy for the candidates to get together, decide who has the best shot of winning, put together a ticket, and then ALL stand behind that ticket. Show America that you realize there's more at stake than your own self-aggrandizement. Maybe I'm wrong about this being a good idea, but I think something drastic needs to be done. Yeah, I know - it's not gonna happen either way.

None of these D candidates particularly excite me. I like them better than Bush, but no one has done much to really get me fired up. I was pretty stoked when Clark came on the scene, and I thought finally we had someone to shake things up and maybe move us forward. I'm not feeling so good about any of the candidates right now, though.

As it stands, I don't think that the Ds deserve to win next year's election. The fact that I still want them to, just because of how much Bush scares me, further scares the shit out of me.

God damn it, this is a sorry state of affairs. We have two choices. On one side, we have Drinkey McDumbass and his neocon cabal, hell bent on pre-emptive wars to get more money for Halliburton while doing other shit like running up huge deficits, blurring the lines between church and state, trampling civil liberties, and destroying a woman's right to choose. On the other hand, we have a group of fuck-ups who can't get their shit together enough to really focus on the task at hand: defeating Bush.

I fucking hate us.

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