Friday, January 09, 2004

What would Brian Boitano do?

God effing damn it. So it's just after midnight (and no, my dick isn't stuck in a cow this time), and I go to check my mail, only to find a message from Matt letting me know that the U.S. figure skating championships are on at 7. Last night. That's what I get for not being compulsive enough with checking my stupid hotmail account.

Naturally, I missed Sasha coming in first in the short program. Now I've gotta make sure I don't fuck up and miss the free skate on Saturday which, unless if the schedules are lying to me, is on ABC at 2 PM Mountain. Hopefully this post and the alarm I set on my phone will be ample reminders. Yes, the alarm on my phone.

Brian Boitano would remember to fucking watch figure skating; that's what he'd goddamn do. And he wouldn't need to have his bloody cell phone tell him to, either.

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