Thursday, January 22, 2004

When Wes Clark speaks, am I the only one who gets this sense that he's not quite living in the same reality as us? I mean, he's not totally off base, just maybe one or two degrees out of phase with the rest of us. Kinda like he's saying stuff, but he's not really sure if we're understanding what he's saying or if we're just nodding and smiling until the guys in white coats show up.

Okay, I'm making it out to be a little harsher than it really is. But there is something kinda awkward about him when he's speaking, although I will admit that I haven't paid as much attention to all the candidates as I should, Clark included. Also, I think the general is still somewhat shell-shocked by his entry into politics. So yes, I am picking on the general, and no, he's not the only one who gives canned answers, follows a script, and "answers the question he wishes he was asked." I guess I'm being extra hard on him since I was really, really hoping he would shake things up, and I'm kinda disappointed that he's (thus far) turned out to be "just another candidate."

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