Tuesday, January 06, 2004

While we're on the subject of Japanese cars, here's a little anecdote from the "(Near) Adventures in Racism" File.

I was perusing some of those fucking online personals one day, and came across one that fucking pissed me off. This stupid bitch said something along the lines of the following in the likes/dislikes section of her profile:

"I don't like Jap cars, and you boys shouldn't either."

I was so infuriated by this that I was tempted to sign up for the stupid service just so I could e-mail her and say "You do realize that using the racial slur "Jap" hasn't been acceptable in this country for, oh, 40 or 50-some odd years, don't you?"

Of course, this would have cost me like $25, and just wasn't worth it. I'm pretty sure she was from Texas, and the picture in her profile had her wearing cowboy boots and possibly a hat, so I'm sorry, but her little "slip" really came as no surprise. No, not everyone from the South is a racist, and racism isn't unique to the South, but let's face it - there's kind of a history there. That, and, well, incest. Oh, relax. I kid the South.

Either way, just more of that "rah rah, America's better just because I live here" bullshit we see so much of.

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