Thursday, January 29, 2004

Yeah, because voters in Iowa are real representative of America in general.

True, the media has done more than its fair share of hyping Dean. And yeah, part of Dean's recent slide is because some voters are thinking more critically about Dean as opposed to the manufactured image of Dean. There seems to be more to it, though. Like how Dean was taking constant shit from everyone for quite a long time there. It was bound to wear on him eventually.

Although Kerry does have some momentum built up, winning New Hampshire and Iowa doesn't mean that he's going to win it all. Still, it's certainly not going to hurt, and I could easily see Americans just resigning themselves to Kerry winning since he's won all of two states. It's kind of irritating that Iowa and New Hampshire can have such a huge impact when they, in so many ways, are not representative of Americans as a whole. As yet, those two contests seem to create bias in future caucuses and primaries, thus exaggerating the importance of the first two. Maybe I'm once again too simple-minded to see the wisdom in this process, but it would be nice if several of the first caucuses and primaries were held in various parts of the country on the same day in order to try and mitigate this effect.

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