Sunday, February 08, 2004

-1, redundant

There have been an exorbitant number of stupid relationship-related questions on Slashdot's front page lately (two), and here's the latest:

"Help!!! I've been dating my geek for three months and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. So I thought I'd ask the men of Slashdot what they would want as a Valentine's Day gift. I'm looking for something out of the ordinary that will knock his socks off. Somthing clever, crafty and unique. The budget is $100. My geek's interests are typical geek fare, games, computers, music and gadgetry. So! You, men of Slashdot, tell me what you would want to recieve for Valentine's day and help me make my geek happy."

Um, how about sex? If he's really a geek (which at least comes into question if he's got a girlfriend), he probably hasn't seen much of this. Hopefully he'll get you a spellchecker as your goddamn V-day gift.

Seriously, this woman has got to be about the laziest person ever. "Hmmm, I can't figure out what to get him, so let's let the 37 billion Assdot readers out there solve the dilemma for me."

Suck it up, lady (perhaps somewhat literally) and figure it out your damn self. Look, I hate figuring out what to buy for others more than anyone, female friends especially. No, not for the reasons you think, namely that I'm an asshole. No, I always want my gifts to actually be meaningful, and above all, something they'll like and enjoy. With most people, I am always absolutely terrified that I'm going to pick something that they think sucks ass. As such, I often try and put off buying shit as long as I can. For example, one friend of mine has a birthday in February, and I got her a gift in... September. Which, of course, leads back to the looking like an asshole thing. For once, that's not the angle I'm going for, but I pretty much can't do anything right anyway.

This of course reminds me that in addition to still needing to get her a Christmas gift (in my defense, I actually got her something, but realized it wasn't that great and need to find something better... see what I put myself thorough?), her birthday is once again approaching. God effing damn it.

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