Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Among the many, many things that have led to my disdain for religion is how inextricably linked religion has become with politics. Like always, Carlin put it best: "I have just about had it with these fucking church people. You know what I say? Tax these motherfuckers. If they're so interested in politics and public policy, let 'em pay their fucking admission price."

There are myriad things that I could hit on that the article mentioned, but I'll just cover a few.

Dying for your religious beliefs. Man, fuck all that shit. Again, you have no real evidence to even begin to support that stupid bullshit. You're going to die based on that lack of a foundation? I'm in good shape here seeing as how I don't really have any beliefs - I simply don't fucking know. Until someone can come up with something conclusive one way or another, it's all theory. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm not so self-absorbed that I need to know every fucking thing.

Then there's this bullshit notion that belief in god makes you a better person. This is just fucking ridiculous, but I know that people believe it. How do you get to be a better person for belief in something that you have no clue - no real clue - as to whether or not it exists? It doesn't make you a better person. At best, all it makes you is more easily led, and at worst, it makes you stupider. Period.

There are plenty of people who don't believe in god and are better people than religious fuckers. Continuing along those lines, mentioning the Soviet Union or the Nazis is just a cheap ploy to try and push this notion that you're a better human being if you believe in god. Sure, I've come up with plans for genocide against stupid people (loading them all into a big cage and dropping it into the ocean, for instance), but that's not because of my lack of faith in a higher being. It's because of my lack of faith in humanity. And you know what? I might as well just say "Napoleonic complex," because you know that if I ever do take over, people will be shitting themselves to look all clever and use that phrase. Well ha ha ha, I beat you to it. How's that for pre-emptive strike, motherfucker?

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