Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bush isn't a statistician? Seriously? Actually, seeing as how statistics is a total bullshit "field" and is completely made up (much like the French language), I wouldn't be surprised if Bush had his PhD in it.

I was a big fan of that 2.6 million jobs number. It shows just how stupid the administration thinks we are and how little respect they have for us (both of which we pretty much deserve). I think the "number crunching" went something like this:

Number cruncher #1: "Hey, how many jobs have been lost since Bush took office?"
Number cruncher #2: "2.2 million."
Number cruncher #1: "Okay, so let's just tell people we're going to get all those back... And another 400 thousand just for good measure. They'll buy that, won't they?"
Number cruncher #2: "Yup."

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