Sunday, February 22, 2004

But we'll still never forgive Chris Noth for what he did to Profaci

Also watched the last episode of Sex and the City tonight. Yes, being the good little heterosexual male that I am, I enjoyed watching that show, and will be sad to see it go. Just so you know, in case you care and haven't seen it, there really aren't any spoilers in here. General impressions, but nothing major like how we finally find out what Big's real name is. Oops.

Kind of a shame that more guys didn't get into that show. Yes, I know, it's a chick show, and you just can't watch that and still get to keep your conceal 'n' carry permit for that monster wang you wish you had. Yes, I know, the girls could be huge pains in the ass, blah blah blah. But you know what? That show had some of the fucking dirtiest writing you're gonna find. Which isn't a total surprise since some of the writers were men. We all remember this line from the transvestite hooker out on the street below Samantha's apartment: "... And so I told him, if you don't get that out of my ass, I'm going to shit on it!" You... You just don't hear that a lot.

Also, guys should be able to get into this show as it demonstrates that while men are indeed pigs and perverts, women can be just as bad. And it's all out in the open now thanks to Sex and the City.

One thing about the finale, though, was how they pulled a Deep Space Nine on me. You see, the finale to DS9 always pissed me off in how there's all this shit going on towards the end of the series, and they pretty much conclude EVERYTHING in the last half hour of the finale. Well, Sex DS9'd me by doing a ton of shit in literally the last five minutes. Yes, you could see all of it coming, but still. Space it out over a quarter hour or something.

Oh, and bonus points for Big's "abso-fucking-lutely" blast. It's always a good time when you can bust that one out.

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