Monday, February 09, 2004

But what's to be done about flippant organized crime?

Tony can't be serious.

Maybe it's just because I'm a heathen from the Colonies who doesn't speak the Queen's English, but I've gotta think they could have come up with a better name. They're calling it the British FBI, but at least "the FBI" or "Federal Bureau of Investigation" both sound pretty serious. Er, intimidating. But no, they're getting the Serious Organized Crime Agency over there. I would have a tough time with that gig, because I would probably waste my whole first week just fucking around, continually saying "Okay, that's enough; it's time to get serious."

Lowering the standards for convictions? Telephone intercepts? Look, Tony, if you want your country to become the 51st state, why don't you just fucking ask? I obviously don't know jack about British law or politics (I barely know shit about our own; doesn't stop me from shooting my mouth off in true American fashion), but this does sound a little PATRIOT-like.

In the end, I'm sure British law enforcement people are thrilled to have an American in charge of something with the prospect of more to come. I doubt the phrase "wanker" is being thrown around at all.

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