Monday, February 02, 2004

Coincidentally, I also have good taste in everything, because I'm not one of those fucking guys

I heard yet another bullshit anti-drug commercial today. This time, it's urging parents to confront their druggie kids, taking "action: the anti-drug."

Yes, Meatwad! With action!

Jesus fucking Christ, how many "anti-drugs" can there be? As far as I know by using, oh, logic, I'm pretty sure there can be only one. There's matter and anti-matter. There's X and anti-X. There's "20-something American male" and "good taste." Unless of course if parents, responsibility, and now action are all one and the same, this ad campaign is not only bullshit but completely illogical. But yeah, go looking for logic with people who think they can defeat drugs.

You know what the anti-drug is? Not taking drugs. Seems to have worked pretty well for me.

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