Sunday, February 15, 2004

Fuck you, Orson

I was feeling pretty good about my Saturday. Granted, it wasn't what one would consider classically productive. However, I was pretty pleased that I not only downloaded a decent amount of pr0n, but I also snared about 40 episodes of Beavis and Butthead. That to me is a decent afternoon. Then, as ETP, BOETP, and I are wondering when exactly Orson Welles died, we take a look at this.

Holy Christ, is there anything that guy didn't do? You'd think that Citizen Kane and Unicron would be enough to make anyone's life complete, but holy hell. I clearly am not doing enough with my time. I mean, costume design? You bust that shit out because you're either A) a costume designer, B) someone who has already done everything else, or C) someone who has decided they are most definitely going to do everything else.

As for why I'm killing time downloading B&B episodes when many are available on DVD, there's a simple reason: videos. No matter what compilations they come out with, they're never gonna have the music videos in addition to the episodes. In so many ways, I want the music videos more. There is just some legendary shit in there. Who (besides ETP, of course), remembers when they watched MC 900 Ft. Jesus's "If I only had a Brain"? That was pretty much the funniest thing, ever.

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