Friday, February 27, 2004

I rarely watch the local newscasts because I usually come away from them more pissed off than when I started. Unfortunately, I managed to catch the first few minutes of FOX's local news broadcast last night, and not surprisingly, I got pissed. So pissed, in fact, that I had to have ETP change the channel before I really lost it.

What set me off last night was a story on how they're putting on display, both for the families and for the public, several items from the Columbine massacre. Somebody: explain to me why the fuck this shit needs to be done. There is no fucking need for this stuff to be displayed to the public. What the fuck does that accomplish? Who does this help?

I can point out one group of cocksuckers that this helps, and I've already mentioned them. Columbine has, of course, been less and less of a news story as time has passed. Not any less important, just not something that they can talk about constantly. That's just the nature of news. As such, something has to be periodically dredged up to make Columbine the lead story on the nightly newscast. As we all know, these sick news fuckers are just longing for the days of Columbine; that was their time to shine. Little things like this are a nice reminder of their golden days. Man, fuck them.

Of course, it's all related to this. Hey, if you're going to release a report, might as well go the full nine.

Don't even think of giving me that weak-ass "Well, we need things like this to remember what happened at Columbine" type bullshit. That's just like those stupid fucking 9/11 bumper stickers that say "Remember." Fortunately, I was not directly impacted by things like 9/11 or Columbine. Still, those events were so horrific that I couldn't forget them even if I wanted to. I don't need some shallow fuck putting something on the back of his car or some assholes setting up a museum display for me to keep that stuff in mind.

What this is telling us is that if we want to be immortal, if we want to be remembered, we just need to instigate some awful tragedy. Sure, most people don't want to be remembered for shit like Columbine, but some people will take what they can get.

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