Sunday, February 29, 2004

I'm obviously not Japanese, and as such can't really say if it's racist or not, but this really does seem like overreacting to me. Yes, the movie does poke fun at the Japanese, but it's done in a very lighthearted manner. These people should be glad that the film didn't highlight things like the fact that Japan is the #1 producer of child porn, nor did it showcase things like photobooks of 9-year-old "idols" that you can even find on eBay.

And no, I am not looking for 9-year-olds. You do a search for "japanese idol" and these fucking things pop up along with the less creepy shit. Yes, I like to ogle teenagers just like every other dirty old man between the ages of 13 and 130, but 9 is waaaaaay too fucking young for me. I'm sure that will come as a HUGE comfort to everyone. Because we all know what a major threat I am to women of all ages, what with my crippling fear of interacting with other people and all.

Getting back to the article, though. "The film has no meaningful Japanese roles, nor is there any significant dialogue between the main characters and the Japanese." Well, I'm sorry, but there are no meaningful Japanese roles because the film isn't about the Japanese. Or anyone else besides the main characters, for that matter. And there's no significant dialogue because a good part of the characters' situation revolves around the fact that they're fucking incapable of having significant dialogue with their Japanese hosts!

I swear, some people are never satisfied with anything.

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