Wednesday, February 18, 2004

In other news, Kobe Bryant has decided to go back to college and will be playing for CU. Allegedly.

Christ I hate my fucking alma mater. I've already complained about college athletes before. At least now I have a legitimate reason to hate these stupid fuckers; they're stupid fuckers who are also rapist assholes. Allegedly.

If this is true, this just goes to show you how god damn fucking stupid football players are. I mean, these guys spend a good deal of their time around nothing but other guys. Playing (allegedly), showering, raping. So what do they do when a woman shows up and breaks up the sausage fest? They treat her like shit, and one of them rapes her. Allegedly.

You would never see this shit in engineering. Shit, a woman actually shows up in the wasteland that is the EE wing, we do not treat her poorly, and we most certainly do not allegedly rape her. Sure, to allegedly rape a woman you'd need to understand some of the mechanics of sex, and you'd also have to interact with another person, but those aren't the only reasons we wouldn't do that. We're just not alleged rapist assholes. And we'd treat her right: by leering at her, never talking to her except maybe once a semester while looking at the ground, and scurrying away in shame when we do.

I know, I know. This isn't a fair comparison, seeing as how football players can get women elsewhere. At recruiting parties, for instance, where they also allegedly rape women. What the fuck is that? It just goes to show you that we should once again just kill sex criminals, because there's clearly something fucked up with them. Here we have all these horny, pent up, lonely engineers, who aren't going to hurt anyone. Meanwhile, you have guys who could get pussy without allegedly raping women to get it, yet they still end up doing this shit. There's something fucked up with them, and we should just get rid of them.

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