Saturday, February 21, 2004

It's okay, at least we found all those weapons of mass destruction to justify the war. Yeah, the war. Remember that thing? Seems like it's kinda going by the wayside in terms of coverage, what with the primaries and all that bullshit. Oh, and the goddamn string of rape charges coming out of CU.

I've been fed up with all this "al Qaeda-like" labeling nonsense for quite sometime now. I just love how there's this implication nowadays that all terrorists must be al Qaeda. Of course, when it's realized that that is an out-and-out lie, they add the "like" suffix to try and weakly tie other terrorists in with bin Laden's group. Of course, since the American populace is so dumb, "like" is good enough for them.

Look, it's not like I'm not saying these aren't a group of guys to worry about, but State put it best by saying that bad guys aren't homogeneous. The "like" bullshit was yet another attempt to link who we're going after, namely Iraq, with the guys we were be going after, namely al Qaeda. You know, the ones who actually attacked us.

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