Sunday, February 22, 2004

New or old, fuck Laura Bush.

I find it more than a little sad that wives of presidential candidates are becoming nothing more than political tools. Like recently, when no one picked up on Howard Dean's reclusive wife coming out of the woodwork as a PR move. The of course there's Laura Bush herself, who for the most part has smiled and cheered for her husband, and then done some token shit to make it look like she's "active." That's real empowering for women. Yet another reason why a female president would be interesting, just so we can see the tables turned on that shit.

One person we know who doesn't stand for this shit, though, is Hillary. If she's being used as a political tool, it's only because she's allowing it since she knows she has something to gain from it. And she didn't sit idly by twiddling her thumbs while Bill ran the country and chased skirts. Fuck no, she kept busy pushing her own agenda. Just a couple of the reasons why I love that man.

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