Sunday, February 08, 2004

Take 3

Just as a warning, this post contains some links of a non-work-appropriate nature.

Okay, so a few people know the trials and tribulations of my other 'blog, Serafuku. Even fewer care. It's pretty much gotten to the point where the site is getting enough traffic that it completely shithammers my bandwidth limits for the file hosting service, which is sad because that site gets very little traffic. Like I said a couple of days ago, I'm not all that excited about helping other guys get off. Apparently I'm a little excited, though, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Still, I just don't have the patience to work out some sort of superscalar solution like John has. The scheme he has come up with is pretty fucking brilliant, but yeah, I would post even less if I went with that solution. Unlike John, I don't have the patience.

While I don't have much patience, I am pretty fucking stupid. Posting to Serafuku is kind of a hassle as it is, you see. It's not atrocious, but I figured I could automate a lot of the process by writing a perl script to generate thumbnails and the Blogger post text. All that leaves is copying files over and making the post itself. Not a total turnkey solution, but still a decent improvement.

Well, I got to thinking. Yeah, I do that every once in a great while. I have long since thought about migrating away from the 'blog format to just a regular ol' site with images 'n' thumbnails. To do that, though, I knew I would probably want to write a script that can generate pages of thumbnails with ease.

So, yeah, I decided to hack the script some more so that it would create web pages instead of Blogger posts. I then proceeded to up yet another Angelfire account where the web pages and images will be stored.

I don't know what Angelfire's bandwidth limitations are, but hopefully this will be much better than Ripway. I should be able to get one or two visitors a day without hitting the stupid cap. I can only store 20 megs worth of shit on Angelfire (as opposed to Ripway's 30), so I'll have to get into some kind of image rotation scheme seeing as how I'll probably post more than four pics of each model and as such will reach 20 with a quickness. Also, here's to hoping that Angelfire doesn't just shut the fucking page down in 12 minutes like they did the last time I tried hosting images there. It should work better, though, since I'm setting up legit webpages instead of just turning it into an image repository that I link to from a 'blog.

I'm going to transfer all of the pics from the 'blog over to the new site. In addition to the ones from the 'blog, I'll be posting some additional pictures of each model so that it's worth checking all the galleries. Yeah, you're welcome. So far, I've transferred a few sets over. Some are the oldest posts, but a handful are some more recent ones if you've had trouble snagging them thus far.

So yeah. I'm too lazy to do what John does, so instead I waste an entire day writing perl scripts and setting up a new site. Why the fuck did I bother telling you all this? I don't know. But there are probably one two or three people at least who give a shit about this "announcemen,." so I figured it might as well come with the usual worthless commentary.

Oh, and for anyone who does give a shit, you're probably gonna want the link. It can be found here. Let me know what 'ya think, if there are any problems, suggestions, etc.

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