Sunday, February 22, 2004

Thanks a lot, Ralph. Thanks for nothing, you fucking idiot.

Look, I don't dislike Nader. Or at least, I didn't. Even though there's plenty he says that I disagree with, I still stand by a lot of what he claims to stand for. I'd love it if America wasn't so fucking retarded that they could actually elect a third-party candidate. I too am sick of corporate money and special interests taking over our so-called "democracy." The thing is, now is not the time to be pushing all those agendas. Why? Is it because they're any less important than before? No. But right now, there is no chance of overcoming those problems. Nader has no chance of winning and moving in to try and clean things up.

I realize that Nader is full well aware that he can't win. Nader isn't stupid, and he's getting involved to make a statement and to possibly pave the way for a future independent to take the Oval Office. Like I've said before, we don't have the luxury of making statements right now. I don't like taking this stance, but our top priority has to be getting Bush out of there. That's the only way we can get that dangerous group of cocksuckers out of the top seat and begin to restore some balance in this country. If for no other reason, I want Bush to lose just so that, if only for a second, I can see something wipe the smirk off of that stupid motherfucker's face.

Nader's words seem to imply that he's on the same page with those of us who badly want Bush out. The problem is, his actions don't line up with what he's saying. As such, this decision to run for president shows that it's not about dethroning Bush and changing course for this country, it's about Ralph. It's about Ralph and doing whatever the fuck it is Ralph thinks he needs to do to ensure Ralph's legacy.

I'm not looking for a Democratic president to fix everything. We all know I'm not a huge fan of the Democrats. I'm just looking for a start. No matter what issues I have with candidates like John Kerry, I still do not see them being as bad as Bush. Or, more appropriately, TB. I would so love, instead, to see someone in office, an independent, who would really shake things up. But that is not going to happen, and so we need to go pragmatic on this election's ass and get out of it what we can.

Nader got a whole slew of unnecessary shit from the Democrats in the 2004 election. Many Democrats blame him for Gore's loss, but that's bullshit. Gore's loss is squarely on Gore's shoulders. Okay, Gore's shoulders and the Bush money machine. Still, Gore should have done way better, considering that he was coming out of the Clinton administration, which enjoyed decent popularity. Instead of capitalizing on that, he distanced himself from it. That's just one of the many, many stupid things Gore did to lose himself the election. He should have never given Nader the chance to be a spoiler.

If the D ticket loses this year by a close margin, and we see that Nader siphoned off a decent number of votes from the D ticket, I'm going to have a hard time defending Nader once again. He knows now what his impact can be, and he knows for damn sure that it isn't going to lead to anything realizable at the moment. Well, nothing realizable in terms of his supposed goals; it can certainly lead to the realization of a second Bush term. The only hope I have at the moment is that Bush has done such a fine job of polarizing this country that Nader may be all but completely marginalized anyway. Like usual, we'll just have to wait and see.

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