Sunday, February 15, 2004

Three types of lies

Like hell you are.

Just wait until they start calling you a rapist, or a child molester, or soft on breast cancer (they actually did this to McCain). I'm not taking seriously any polls these days. The beliefs that Kerry can beat Bush in November, the numbers showing Bush and Kerry neck-and-neck... They're all meaningless. Even more meaningless than the numbers putting Dean and Gephardt out in front in Iowa before their little pow-wow.

We haven't seen Bush really start putting his re-election millions to use. We haven't seen the true debut of the 30-second attack ad. We haven't seen the ignorant American voter roll over for catchy slogans and quick sound bites.

The Bush war machine has not yet begun to fight. Ed Gillespie, RNC chairman and former lobbyist extraordinaire recently said that the Democrats were engaging in ugly politics with regards to the whole Bush/Vietnam service issue. Which is funny, because that side of the aisle seems to know a thing or two about dirty politics. Valerie Plame, anyone? Just for starters?

If you think you're ready, Kerry, you are not ready.

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