Monday, February 02, 2004

Unlike the war issues, this really is a joke, on all sides.

It is so fucking sad that people are all up in arms over this bullshit. People actually called in to CBS to complain about the show. How bankrupt is your life if you're calling TV stations over an exposed breast? A dirty, filthy titty. Meanwhile, as these parents are on the phone their kids are getting into the drain cleaner.

Explain to me where the big fucking deal is, even if kids are watching. Is one partial boob going to suddenly destroy them? For any kids who were breast fed, they've already seen breasts. Granted, mom didn't usually unbutton her blouse and then pop off a pastie, but still. Give me a fucking break. Why don't we just start keeping women off of TV altogether since they have cooties? Grow up, America.

A couple of notes for those involved in making this happen:
  • MTV: Don't give us this bullshit that it wasn't planned. I mean, you're fucking MTV, the king of soft, mainstream porn that no one wants to see anyway.

  • CBS: That's what you get for letting MTV be involved in anything.

Michael Powell: shut the fuck up. I'd come and yell at you, but you're so far up on the moral high ground that I can't quite reach you.

"Wardrobe malfunction." He must have been up all night thinking that one up.

Bush didn't see it because he fell asleep. That is so good, on so many levels, in so many ways. At least he wasn't "choking on a pretzel" or whatever.

This country is pathetic. The fact that this is such a big deal... Now that's deplorable.

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