Monday, February 09, 2004

You know the White House is getting nervous when Karl Rove is willing to unleash Bush in a TV interview. Of course, it's not like Rove didn't have total control over what went on in that interview. There's always the chance that Bush will fuck something up and send the script up in flames, but that's why it was taped a day before airing.

Bush's defense of his Vietnam-era Guard service is laughable. Look, I can't give the guy a hard time for avoiding going to Vietnam. Damn near every last one of us would do what he did, taking advantage of family wealth or connections to get out of having to fight in that war. I know I would; but of course, I'm a self-admitted coward. No, what's laughable is that Bush is actually trying to defend himself. We all know what he was doing in the Guard (as I think The Daily Show put it, "bravely defending Texas from Charlie"), so just knock it off already, Bush. Although, even if I can empathize with what he did, it does still look pretty stupid when you're trying to run on a platform of being all patriotic and shit.

Also, had Bush served like others did, by actually fighting, maybe he wouldn't have been so eager to commit troops to Iraq last year. Don't give me any shit about how it was a difficult decision (as Bush himself has said). It was an easy decision. How do I know? I remember him saying that after going on TV to announce the beginning of the war, he went to fucking bed. That is not a man conflicted. If I'm sending people off to die, even I'm going on a three-day sleepless bender wondering if I made the right decision. Which is yet another reason why I will never be president. We can't have a commander in chief that worried, 'cause he's got shit to do. But give me something, George. Show me some agony. Jesus, fucking lie to me; we know you're good at that.

I wish someone would just fucking take a run at Bush and really press him on this Iraq war shit.

"What wasn't wrong was the fact that he had the ability to make a weapon."
"Yeah, but you said he already had weapons. LOTS of them."
"But he did have the ability to make a weapon. It was a gathering threat that had to be dealt with."
"You're avoiding the issue. You said on the eve of war that he was an imminent threat who had lots of nasty weapons."
"Well, we had bad intelligence. I made the correct decision based on the information available."
"No, you made the wrong decision based on faulty, if not doctored, evidence. A decision that was determined well in advance, I might add. And hey, what happened to getting the intelligence community's shit together after 9/11, anyway?"

I know, I know. No one would ever do that, because the next day that interviewer and his family would disappear. Shit, I'd rather go to fucking 'Nam than invoke the wrath of Karl Rove.

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