Tuesday, March 16, 2004

... And the address apprears to be the pound sign.

There's this fucking commercial I keep hearing for some new slop 7-11 is hawking. That's right; 7-11 is advertising their own original food products. The commercial I keep hearing is for "spicy beef and bean go-go fuck me in the ass taquitos" or some such bullshit. The commercial boasts that the taquitos are "mixed with queso cheese, stuffed with queso cheese, some other bullshit about queso cheese." The announcer uses the phrase "queso cheese" no less than three times.



God fucking damn it, I hate when ignorant white people try and be clever by using words from a foreign language when they, in fact, have no fucking clue what they're doing. Wait, ignorant white people? That's redundant. This fucking commercial reminds me of when I drive though Boulder, and I drive on or past Table Mesa Drive. Mesa means table, you cocksuckers. But whaddya want from Boulder. Or how about those anime freaks who know three words of Japanese and use them all the time like they just got off the plane from Tokyo where they grew up?

Yes, I watch anime, and I throw around a gai-jin blast every now and then. But I use that more out of a pretentious need to use something I learned in history class as opposed to something learned watching cartoons. Other than the self-effacing racist/near-racist phrase, I have been able to figure out maybe three words of Japanese in my half-assed studies, but I don't even like using them when I'm alone and fucking practicing because I'm embarassed over how badly I know I'm pronouncing them. Why can't more people be embarassed about their ignorance and instead of sharing that ignorance just shut the fuck up?

Yes, I'm sharing my ignorance damn near daily, but you're reading it, aren't 'ya?

This discussion also reminds me of a joke my step-sister told me, who unlike many Americans knows and heavily uses a foreign language as she's currently living in Germany:

What do you call someone who knows three languages? Tri-lingual. What do you call someone who knows two languages? Bi-lingual. What do you call someone who knows only one language? American.

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