Friday, March 05, 2004

A big question on many peoples' minds: where are the jobs? Clearly, they're not there. Remember when we were told lied to about how the tax cuts would be creating 300,000 jobs a month? Man, did that ever sound neat.

They sure love that 300,000 number, too. It doesn't mean anything, but it sounds good. And when extrapolated, it magically brings back all the jobs lost in the past couple of years, with a handful extra thrown in for good measure. It's all such bullshit for them. Such bullshit that you can't even call it voodoo economics, as George Bush Sr. described Reaganomics when he was running against Ron for the R nomination. Like remember when Bush wanted fast food work re-classified as a manufacturing job? Gee, that wasn't a ploy to boost manufacturing job numbers, was it?

I like this bullshit excuse about the bad weather. How exactly is that going to help skew numbers? Businesses do a shittier job of reporting numbers in acclimate weather? "You know, we really need to get these numbers sorted out for the survey, but it's just too damn cold." Sounds like those are some people who should be out of a job.

Like usual, though, the 21,000 figure is meaningless until they inevitably revise it.

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