Monday, March 01, 2004

Big site announcement... And only two months late.

Hot on the heels of this new audblog bullshit, I have yet another thing to add to the site. I'm proud to announce the opening of the Fuck everything Store.

Yes, now you too can take a little piece of the site with you wherever you go. Just in case you start feeling good about something, this will give you a little reminder as to how hopeless things are.

A huge fucking thanks to Wynette, who set the store up for me. Yes, that's how sad and pathetic I am; I can't even set up my own store. Thanks are in order to John, who also played a crucial role in getting this store up and running. He no doubt is glowing with pride.

So yes, this is the "big site announcement" that I mentioned probably more than two months ago that never came to fruition. I honestly wanted to get it going, but wanted to tweak the images and whatnot. Well, I haven't gotten there yet, but I got tired of the guilt of having this thing set up, which was kindly done for me without even asking. I still plan on doing some tweaking, so if there's any product that doesn't quite look right (because of how the image appears), I'll be fixing that. Just give me a few months.

Until then, please go spend some money and help support my habits. Or don't.

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