Tuesday, March 09, 2004

C'mon, Bush. I've been holding my breath so long on this shit that I'm about to pass out. I think I'll hold it a little bit longer, just to be sure.

"This administration has provided unprecedented cooperation to the 9/11 commission."

Considering the fact that you've don't nothing but hinder, bullshit, and stonewall, any bit of cooperation goes against the precedents you've set. If you get off of absolute terms, though, you guys could be doing a lot more in terms of "cooperation."

"Republicans on the panel had said that while the White House should allow Ms. Rice to testify publicly and place fewer restrictions on the interviews with Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, that was not meant to suggest criticism of the White House."

This is indicative of one of the things I hate about the Republicans these days: party loyalty trumps EVERYTHING. God forbid anyone should speak their mind as opposed to just falling along party lines. Of course, I understand why this is; even if you're on their side, the Bush administration will fucking go after you if you so much as hint at disagreement. And if TB doesn't try and take you down, Stephen Moore will.

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