Saturday, March 06, 2004

Hey, so anybody remember this token effort?

One question that I often ask is "What would happen if it were Clinton in this situation and not Bush?" The answer, of course, is pretty obvious: people would be on Clinton like shit on a wool sweater. Imagine if there was an Enron, or a Halliburton, or an Iraq war, or a 9/11, or a Valerie Plame during Clinton's days. Special prosecutors would be assigned, committees would be convened, subpoenas would be flying - IMMEDIATELY.

Look, this isn't to say that Clinton wasn't up to some ill shit. It's just that a lot of the ill shit - like getting his dick sucked - I really don't give a flying fuck about. But potentially doing things like starting an unnecessary war or exposing an undercover operative? That... That stuff kinda bothers me. I tend to feel that way when it comes to threats to national security which, incidentally, the Bush Administration claims to be working so hard to maintain.

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