Monday, March 15, 2004

I came across the following confessional site over at Life is woo woo: Not Proud.

Ms. Frilly Panties of LiWW was very displeased with Not Proud. To be honest, I find a lot of this shit funny, but we all know what a sick fuck I am. They're funny partly because I would imagine a lot of the so-called confessions are just bullshit. Many of them, true or not, are just funny. For instance:

I used to pick up hair scrunchies I would find on the ground and I would wear them around my cock the next day for fun. I collected scrunchies from my old high school and from my old workplace. I used to daydream about whose it was while wearing them. I used to get hard all the time sitting in class watching a girl or while helping a customer. Just imagining who it belonged to. Who dropped it.... yum.

Wearing scrunchies on your cock. Hey, whatever floats your boat is fine by me. As long as you're not fucking kids, forcing anyone, or hurting anyone who doesn't want to be hurt, whatever you do is fine by me. But I can't promise that I won't laugh at you.

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