Friday, March 26, 2004

I know exactly where this cat went to - and I can promise you it's not a normal family. This cat went to the ownership of my high school biology teacher, who was nuts. There was one day that she was talking about a genetic mutation in some cats that was causing them to have these short, stubby legs. Naturally, she wanted one, and asked the class to get ahold of one for her if they ever came across one.

We were fully convinced that she made clones of some of the more troublesome students in the class - namely, ETP, myself, and two other guys who sat in the back corner - just so she could execute those clones in the privacy of her own home whenever one of us non-clones was pissing her off. One day, ETP apparently got under her skin, so she made him wash dishes.

Then there was this one kid in our class whose last name was Seman. And yes, it's pronounced that way. At one point, she actually asked the kid "What's the PH of semen, Mr. Seman?"

Oh, and her son would sometimes come in during class so that he could brush his teeth.

I'm not making any of this up. Not even the part about the clones - trust me, if you'd sat through a year of her class, you'd totally agree with me.

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