Wednesday, March 03, 2004

If the increased acceptance of gay marriage is a wildfire, then I say we burn this fucker down.

Some quotes to pick at:

"Same sex marriage is likely to spread through all 50 states in the coming years."

Then... Doesn't that indicate that the states want it? Or at least certain portions of those states? What happened to the "will of the people"? Wasn't that one of your justifications for going on this crusade? I love it when lying cocksuckers try to have it both ways. "We want to enforce the will of the people by thwarting the will of the people." I still don't see it as being the general will of people in this country, but it seems as if some places are indeed clued in.

""Millions of Americans who support the traditional institution of marriage should not be slandered as intolerant."

Yes they should.

"The institution of marriage was not created to discriminate or oppress, it was established to protect and nurture children."

Was it? So then why do so many married couples not have children with no intention of ever having the little fuckers? I'm sick of this excuse.

"Laws forbidding interracial marriage are about racism," he said. "Laws protecting traditional marriage are about children."

No, laws protecting "traditional marriage" are about homophobia, which is discrimination, which is what racism comes down to. Also, what is this fucking continual shit about "tradition"? Anybody remember when it was "tradition" to marry off 12-year-old girls? You don't hear a lot of talk about upholding that tradition; not even from me. It's because it's not about tradition, it's about stupid ignorant religious and/or homophobic fucks who all want to be part of the special marriage club, and they don't want to admit new members.

"It's a shame that the White House is orchestrating hearings to discuss whether gay families should have basic human rights protections."

Well, that's because the current White House itself is a bloody fucking shame.

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