Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Like I said, some of the "confessions" are total fucking bullshit:

I want to have sex with this Argentinian math major. I don't think boys realize how easy they have it with some girls. On the outside, I'm a very nice, well-to-do Catholic girl. I enjoy dates and being social. But part of me also wants to get him alone and rape the living daylights out of him. All he has to do is say the word and I'm dropping my panties. But he's being a total nerd and not wanting to get involved with me. Why? We have such a great time together and he's the only person I want right now. Damn. Nice guys finish last? I think you nice guys ENJOY making your lives miserable and losing out on a girl that would rock your world; in and out of bed.

My boyfriend is really pissing me off, he wont let me suck his dick. Its driving me up the walls!

None of that shit would ever happen.

Someone knew I'd be reading:

It's tough losing your virginity when going to an all-girl school. We would lust after teachers and I used to wear sexy lingerie under my uniform to hope he would come and rip the clothes off. I'm not some ugly girl, I'm just the perfect little Japanese slut.

Yeah, sounds like love to me:

Renee, please, let me have your heart! I love your tattoos! Your blow jobs! your pussy grinding ass! Let me love you!!!

Who says romance is dead?

Worst person ever award:

there's this chick i know that has some serious mental/self estem problems....and i just console her in the hope i can have sex with her. I mean she's real fuckin hot, and its wrong that my common decency for another person is disregarded once the opportunity for sex comes up....she swallows too.

Kids are so fucking lazy nowadays:

I'm naked, wet, and extremely horny, but too lazy to grab my vibrator.

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