Wednesday, March 17, 2004

So I just noticed in my profile over in Galvin's forums that I have been bestowed upon the title of "Jailbait Bait." Ahhh, it's nice to be recognized for one's body of work.

Yeah, don't I wish that I could serve as bait for jailbait. It might have come in handy this afternoon. Wednesday is typically the day a co-worker and I hit this Japanese restaurant that's pretty much literally on the other side of the tracks from where we work (it's right next to Kenny's house). Usually the person manning the register and bringing out our food is this nice older lady, and occasionally it's been a younger girl who's decent but nothing to write home about. Then today, fuck. There's this new girl there who is very cute. I don't know how old she was, but I quite clearly don't care anymore. Look, she's old enough to operate a cash register, and I think that oughta count. She's fluent in English but also speaks Japanese, which is neat. Hey, maybe she could even teach me (to speak like a woman).

God effing damn it, I hate it when I find anyone I'm interested in. And no, not just because I'm a cold-hearted, soulless bastard. It's just this huge waste of time, because I know it's going to end in the same place as it always does: failure. Sure, I might not end up doing anything about it, thus guaranteeing failure, but it still occupies valuable thinking time which could be better spent on, um, fuck, I don't know. Something else.

Yeah, yeah, I know, "don't be so negative," blah blah blah. I'll refer you back to the very site you're reading.

Things are made even worse when it comes to restaurant personnel, which as ETP can attest to, I do not have a stellar track record with. Okay, I'm like oh-for-one, but that's still a .000 batting average, and it doesn't look good.

Furthermore, this has me asking myself stupid questions like, fuck, do I need to start working out again? Because, yeah, that will do a whole lot. That should compensate for my lack of looks, lack of skills with women, lack of social skills in general, and lack of pretty much anything else besides problems.


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