Saturday, March 20, 2004

So we all remember how I've got stupid thoughts running through my head now. Well, today, I decided to try and bring one of those stupid thoughts to fruition by going out and doing some jogging.


Fuck I am not in good shape. When you go out running and after not too long your head and heart feel ready to explode, and then when you get home to do some sit-ups/crunches/whatever and after awhile you just punt by saying "forget it," that's not a quality workout. Well, gotta start somewhere.

Of course, this is just my first time out exercising in a long time. And like always, I push myself way too hard way too quickly, and end up spent before any quality work gets done. Then afterwards, you can't decide if you want to sleep, vomit, or die. Hmmm, that sounds so familiar to some other situation, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Except for the vomiting part. Okay, okay... Especially the vomiting part.

I need to find some other activity to get into shape. I hate running. The reason I always end up doing it is because there's something (to add to all the other somethings) miswired in my brain that says the only way to get in shape is by doing something I hate. I like playing sports on occasion, like tennis or baseball, even though I suck at them. The key is to play these sports with other people who suck as badly as I do. The problem is, I have virtually no friends, and those that I do have are about as motivated as I am. I think I need to buy myself a bike; I can do that alone, I like doing it, and I don't think it ends up being the cardiovascular bukkake that running has become.

I'm not really looking to lose weight - maybe shed a few pounds, but nothing big. I'm more concerned with getting in better shape so that five minutes of running doesn't nearly have me dead on the sidewalk. Even though I'm pretty sure that we're close to zero as it is, dying pretty much completely ends my chances of landing underage Asian hottie (UAH). I'd definitely like to tone up, especially in the ab arena. Since I know I won't go to a gym for myriad reasons, I'm looking into getting some stuff for home so that I can start lifting again.

And, believe it or not, I'm really not doing this to impress women because, trust me, I can work my ass of and no one will be impressed. The last time I had a decent regimen going the only one who took notice was ETP, but to be sadly honest, that was still kinda nice. At least someone noticed, goddammit. Aside from the vanity bullshit, once my size 30s are getting tight on me, I am not happy, and I want to rectify that. Yes, 30 waist. What did you think the "little" in "Bitter Little Man" stood for?

Anyway, what are people out there doing to get in shape or keep in shape?

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